Goal Planning: Why I feel it’s so important

Goal Planning: What kind of game would soccer be without goal nets?

Soccer without goals would not be much of a game.

I recently (well… October 2010 that is) wrote a book called Personal Goal Setting Strategies: A Guide to Understanding and Planning Goals and Objectives. (2023 update – New fully revised edition will be coming this year!!)

Actually, since you are here, you may already have a copy of this book, or are a member of my newsletter.

Do you know how many people search online for help with goal planning every month? I did a quick search out of curiosity, and was stunned to see that the following statistics for search terms related to goal planning (the numbers are approximately how many people search that term globally in a month):

Personal Goal Setting => 3,600 searches
Goal Setting Exercises => 3,600 searches
Smart Goal Setting = > 5,400 searches
Setting Goals and Objectives = > 1,900 searches
Setting and Achieving Goals => 1,600 searches

These are just a FEW of the terms people search for regarding goals and goal setting.

If this many people are looking for help with goal setting, then this must be an important topic indeed! Would you not agree?

Anyone who knows me knows how much importance and value I place on setting goals and objectives.

Here is why: Without a goal, you can’t really move. You would have no direction.

Look at any game like soccer or football – without goal posts or nets, there’s no game.

Being the visual sort of person that I am, I can’t help but picture a soccer field without goal nets at either end – I see all these soccer players hanging around in the middle of the field just kicking the ball back and forth and around in circles aimlessly. None of them are kicking with any real vigor – just sort of lethargically and mindlessly passing the ball around. I also picture them all with a rather quizzical look on their faces, as though they’re all wondering, “So, what exactly ARE we doing here? What are we supposed to do with this ball?”

A goal – no matter how small – can be what it takes to spur us into some sort of action.

Take my visualization of the soccer players without their goal nets. Now… take the same scene, and this time – all of a sudden people bring 2 goal nets onto the field – one at each end. Almost as if by magic, the players on the field suddenly see that there is something that they can kick the ball into – something they can begin moving toward on the field. Now they can take some ACTION, and the fun has begun.

So, without a goal, you won’t take action. Without action, there’s just no game. And without a game to play, a goal to attain, something to work for – there’s just no fun.

Get some goals! Any goal that will entice you to move, take action, and enter the game… Then, be accountable!

You won’t be sorry!

🙂 Kath

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