3 Great Minds – Mike Geary, Catherine Ebeling & Isabel de los Rios

Click Here to get your copy of The Fat Burning Kitchen EBook by Mike Geary and Isabel De Los RiosIt’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Isabel de los Rios (of “The Diet Solution Program” fame). Her common sense approach to nutrition and healthy eating just completely resonates with me (if you haven’t read a couple of my articles about her here at the site, you can do so HERE at the Healthy Living Tips section of the site.)

Anyway, I got an email from Mike Geary (of “The Truth About Abs” fame, and another highly respected expert in fitness and nutrition), and he announced that he cowrote an EBook with Catherine Ebeling (an RN) called “The Fat Burning Kitchen.” As part of the package, he is including a 6-part “Fat Burning Nutrition” course on video by Isabel de los Rios!

Well, I was instantly intrigued because I have so much respect for both Mike and Isabel (I hadn’t heard of Catherine Ebeling until now). Neither Mike nor Isabel “sugarcoat” anything when it comes to offering advice and a plan to help people feel better and look better.

Neither of them are “hypey” types when it comes to promoting their respective products and programs. They offer what I feel is good, sound advice. As I’ve said in my articles about Isabel do los Rios, I don’t agree with absolutely EVERYTHING she recommends (for example, Isabel allows bacon on her program, and I just personally don’t think that pork is the best meat to be consuming).

But I agree with just about everything else she recommends.

Same thing with Mike Geary. Mike has built a large following – both men and women – due to HIS “common sense” approach to fitness and nutrition.

So, naturally I got a bit excited when I saw that they had teamed up to put this program together.

In “The Fat Burning Kitchen,” Mike reveals information about some of what many people consider to be “healthy” foods that are not helping if you are one of the types of folks trying to shed a few pounds.

For example, stuff like:

*Whole Wheat Breads & Crackers
*”All Natural” Peanut Butter
*Canola Oil (which I already knew about after reading Isabel’s “The Diet Solution Program”)
*ALL Soy products
*Salmon & Tilapia (this one surprises me)
*Most store-bought Nuts (I knew this…)
*Protein Bars
*Low-fat “packaged” foods
*Low-carb “packaged” foods
*Anything made by “company X” sold in the freezer section

And a LOT more.

He gives you information about how to literally transform your food choices from fat-storing to fat-burning (he says within 24 hours) by swapping out the so-called “bad” choices (that some of us have been convinced into believing are “healthy”) for foods with fat burning power that you didn’t even know about. (He talks about veggies, chocolate, fats that are good, spices, etc).

So, this is a good resource to put in your healthy eating arsenal, especially if you’ve been working towards making better food choices.

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