Do YOU Exercise While Working? You Will After You Read This!

Swollen Ankle 2 Weeks AFTER the Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)After having a pretty scary incident happen recently (or at least since the time I wrote this piece), I decided that I could use my scary incident to add some extremely important information to our “Healthy Living Tips” section of the website.

First off, let me say that this was just “scary” and not “life-threatening” – or at least it was caught before it could possibly turn into a life-threatening situation. And, when I experienced it, I realized in a nano-second how very much I want to live! ūüôā

Ok. It’s honestly not THAT dramatic. What this is REALLY about is the dangers of sitting on one’s tuckus in front of a computer screen all day (or sitting on one’s bottom all day for ANY reason). Continue reading

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The Inspiration of Anita Moorjani and Her Near Death Experience

Anita Moorjani interview on YouTube - interviewed by Lilou Mace (

I don’t quite know where to start here when talking about Anita Moorjani and her near death experience…. It’s difficult when discussing something as seemingly intangible as an experience such as this – especially when it happened to someone else, and someone I have not had the pleasure or honor of meeting (yet!).

For the last couple of months I have been reading and listening to Anita Moorjani, a young woman who on February 2, 2006, was in the final stages of a cancer that had devastated her body. On the morning of February 2nd of that year, she was brought to the hospital, in a coma, and was expected to die within a day or so – at most.

Now, first of all, you might be wondering WHY on earth I would suddenly be totally fascinated – almost consumed, really – by a near death experience story of a woman I had never heard of. I’m not the type of person who talks much about death to begin with…

But let me say this: If you have NOT yet heard about this incredible woman and her story, you soon will. No doubt that this story is gonna go viral. It’s just far too powerful to NOT be spread around the world… Continue reading

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Just Got The Procrastination Cure Book

The Procrastination Cure by Jeffery Combs (image from Amazon)I just received the book “The Procrastination Cure” by Jeffery Combs. I was contacted by the folks over at Career Press, and they asked if I’d have a look at this new book, and since the topic of procrastination is something I’m sure my readers are well aware of, I decided to have a look. Also, the long-time career coach in me can’t resist this topic or this publisher!

Anyway, this is just a VERY quick post to let you know that I have received the book, and have just begun to read it.

Right at the get-go, in the first chapter, “An Overview of Procrastination,” something instantly caught my eye. Jeffery talks about something called the “electronic income reducer” – aka, television (you weren’t really surprised, were you?)

That short passage about the things that tend to encourage procrastination – or, should I really say, encourage putting off ACTIVITY that furthers our lives – made me think of a few other things in that category. Although Jeffery Combs doesn’t mention it directly in his “Overview…” I would add the following to his list of “income reducers.”

=> Liquid Income Reducers (drinking too much)
=> Emotional Income Reducers (worrying or incorrect thinking that paralyzes the ability to take action)
=>Physical Income Reducers (“getting ready to get ready” – sharpening pencils, tidying up the desk, cleaning the house on a sudden urge rather than take action…)

Of course this is very simplistic, but I wanted to mention it since reading the “Overview of Procrastination” jarred my mind on it.

And, I thought about writing about this “at some point…” but then I realized I was, in fact, procrastinating. Why not seize the day today?

And so I did… (*****UPDATE!!!!!!****** SEE BELOW!!!!!)

Until next time… ūüôā HAPPY NEW YEAR!

******UPDATE!!!!!!*******UPDATE!!!!!!****** News Flash!!!!! I FINALLY finished the book, AND I just wrote my guts out over my experiences with it… If you care to read the full story – Here it is: INTRODUCTION to my Review of “The Procrastination Cure – 7 Steps to Stop Putting Life Off (includes some background)……

FOLLOWED BY: The FULL Article Reviewing the book “The Procrastination Cure –¬† 7 Steps to Stop Putting Life Off”

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Spilling My Guts About Isabel De Los Rios And The Diet Solution Program

Red Wine, in moderation or very small amounts? Ok.. But ALL the time? NO says Isabel De Los Rios in The Diet Solution ProgramIn my Healthy Living Tips section of the website today, I felt compelled to write a rather personal article based on something I just read in The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios.

Today, my little “epiphany” if you want to call it that, has to do with alcohol. Booze. Spirits. Call it what you will – but after you read what I learned from Isabel, you may be more inclined to call it “poison.”

First of all, please note: I have NOT been paid by Isabel De Los Rios to read OR write anything about The Diet Solution Program.

Furthermore, you need to know that as a result of what I have personally learned from the book, I have now put links here in the site so that if you should decide to grab a copy through my link, I will get a commission for selling the book. If you do decide to buy it through my link, I would like to thank you, with deep appreciation. Hey, a couple of bucks here and a couple there… I am thankful!

But, with all that said, this one is pretty personal.
I don’t go around just finding out what OTHERS say about a book – although, I have to say that sometimes when someone recommends one to me, or if I see enough positive reviews on one, it might sway me to buy it myself and read it.

And I had seen enough of what other people HONESTLY say about Isabel and her work to convince me to go ahead and read the book and see what it has to say.

If you read my earlier account from this summer, about my initial experience with Isabel De Los Rios and The Diet Solution Program you’ll soon find out that some of what I knew intuitively was validated. You can read that account here.

So… Back to the Topic at Hand…
This topic is important enough, in my mind, to give it its own page here on the website rather than in the blog section. It’s all about the effects of alcohol on the mind and body – of critical importance for anyone who REALLY wants to move forward along the path of self development.

And so, if you DO happen to be interested in the healthy living tips I offer here, and even if you aren’t in the market for help in releasing extra or unwanted weight, you may find this to be enlightening. You may have already known this about alcohol, but if you didn’t, read on!

Please Click Here to Read my Article: Helpful But Scary Stuff ala Isabel De Los Rios and The Diet Solution Program

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Thanksgiving Message to My Readers

Happy ThanksgivingHi everyone! Here in the US we’re celebrating our Thanksgiving national holiday. Thanksgiving has always been one of my very favorite days – and even though I’m one who lives in gratitude and thankfulness, the overall vibration of the world always seems to be so much more loving on this day.

Of course, it makes me ponder why so many people only think of gratitude and thankfulness when they’re reminded of it (e.g. Thanksgiving or other holidays). ūüôā But, today, I just wanted to throw out a public message to you, my beloved readers and friends.

While I can spout out the usual things I’m thankful for (and which I honestly do NOT take for granted) such as a roof over my head, reliable transportation, more food than most, etc… today, I would like to put forth a couple of different things I’m thankful for!

I’m thankful that 5 years ago I was unable to find any more work in my area of New Hampshire. It was difficult to feel thankful about that at the time, but today, and at this very moment, I am sitting in 70-degrees, with a lovely breeze coming through the windows of a small place John and I are renting in Florida for the winter. If I had found regular 9-5 work again where I live in northern NH, I would be shovelling my driveway today since a storm came through yesterday. I do love parts of winter – but after all that time in Antarctica, I’ve had my share, and my fill of winter.

So, I am thankful that I now have a CHOICE of where to live at one time of the year or another.

Also, had I not been forced to find an alternative way to make a living (my choice is to work online), I would not be saying how thankful I am for the internet. It has brought me together with friends old and new all over the world!

I am thankful for the gorgeous little park that is literally around the corner, with a 1/2 mile walking/jogging path around a lovely little pond with leaping fish, and beautiful birds. We went for a walk there this morning, and it was stunning!

I am thankful for our Florida landlords who happened upon our original ad seeking winter quarters here in FL. I am thankful for their willingness to work for us and for their trust. We do not take that lightly!

I am thankful for my buddy Martin, my accountability partner, who cracks the whip when I feel like doing anything other than writing! His encouragement and example are inspiring! He is putting his money where his mouth is as he, too, builds his internet business, and I am extremely impressed by his level of commitment and – most importantly – his follow through (just for one example, here’s his Drag Racing Videos site. Tell me this guy isn’t inspired!)

I am thankful for my family – especially that my Dad, who had a stroke back in May is back at home, independent, and driving again.

I am thankful for the works of teachers such as Joseph Murphy, Ernest Holmes, Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani, and countless others who brighten my days with wisdom and enlightenment, and who encourage me in every way.

I am thankful for Brenda, our realtor up in NH who has ideas like no one I’ve ever seen in her untiring passion for marketing real estate.

And finally, on this special day of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for John – truly the world’s best husband and friend. I honestly couldn’t ask for anyone better in my life! And, he also supports and encourages me in my work – and I in his, where he is working to build his own blog at Buying and Selling to Make Money¬†I am so very blessed to have his love!

And, I am grateful and thankful to readers who take the time to visit my blog and read what I have to say. Thanks to each and every one of you!

Lots of love,


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Sorry Folks – I just removed this content since it was no longer at all valid

Affiliate Marketing is Changing.NOTE: Update on May 28, 2014 – I know this is an old post; however, I found a link that was no longer to a product that I would recommend; and therefore I have removed the content. I apologize for any inconvenience.

To your success,


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Pondering Telephone Calls And Attitudes

Vintage 1961 Bell Systems Rotary Dial Phone by Western Electric - From John's "Buying and Selling to Make Money" blogI ponder a lot of things throughout the course of the day. And recently, I found myself pondering – of all things – the telephone.

Now, admittedly, I’m not much of a “phone person” in that I don’t spend hours or even 15 minutes on the phone with people. I don’t pick up the phone to “just say hi” to people. Not even my dad, sister or brother. It’s not that I don’t love them all and my friends dearly – I just don’t happen to be the type of person who talks much on the phone.

It’s really been that way for more years than I honestly can remember.

So, having gotten THAT out of the way, I do, nonetheless, find myself on the phone frequently for business and the standard variety of day-to-day requirements that pop up.

Sometimes I need to answer a call, and other times I need to make a call.

It was in the “I need to make a call” mode that brings me to the point of this post.

I happened to be in a particularly introspective mood when I made a few recent phone calls.

First, I needed to call our auto insurance company to change some coverage on one of our vehicles. The woman who answered was very pleasant – downright cheery! And here it was, only 9:00 in the morning! I could hear the smile in her voice – and frankly, she had ME smiling in return.

Contrast that with another phone call that I needed to make. I should also mention that I had been putting off making THIS particular call, because I’ve had to make it before, and it’s not a “phone destination” that I find at all pleasant.

But, I made the call anyway, because that’s my job.¬†The person who answered sounded like she had been woken up after being asleep and having a really bad dream. Her voice was… and I’m not really sure how to describe it, precisely… but it was kind of dull. Listless.

When asked how she was doing, the response was, “Ok.” In a monotone, almost depressed tone. And she may well BE depressed. The conversation was almost alarming. No life. No zest. And, it was obvious to me that she was not smiling.

I couldn’t wait to conclude my business and get off the phone.

It was while I was in this introspective mood that I could feel my emotions shifting very visibly. The first person was someone I was required to give money to (that is, I needed to pay for some insurance) – and I was ready to whip out the checkbook gladly.

The second person was someone who had me rushing to open a window to breathe in some fresh air and discard some perceived toxins I felt had just invaded my entire being.

So what is the point of all this?

The point is, whether we are on a journey to improve the quality of our business, our health, or our lives in general, it is critical to be aware of what we are putting OUT into our surrounding environment and those people IN our environment.

Now, even though I am not a “phone person,” when my phone rings – and due to the nature of one of my business ventures it DOES ring – I automatically sit up a little straighter, put a smile on my face (After all, someone may be calling me to GIVE me money! So how great is that!), and answer the phone in a cheerful voice.

So, if you have not thought before about this seemingly simple activity that is part of our lives, I urge you to do so now.

After all, since the telephone is such a widespread method of communication, it just makes good sense to be as aware as possible of the type of energy we are putting out there.

Oh… one more thing – this goes for answering machine greetings as well! Rather than take up any more of your time in this already lengthy newsletter, I wrote an article about business voice mail greetings a few years ago called “When ‘Dude’ Isn’t Your Customer’s Name” – and if you are interested, I have reprinted it here¬†at the blog:

¬†=> CLICK HERE To Read “When ‘Dude’ Isn’t Your Customer’s Name”

In the meantime, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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Fascinating. The Diet Solution Program and Isabel De Los Rios

The Diet Solution Isabel De Los RiosThe Diet Solution Program and Isabel De Los Rios

Anyone who knows me knows that I despise “fads.” I am a fashion drop-out, and pop-culture loser. I have never seen “Dancing with the Stars.” I have never see “American Idol.” And I don’t “do diets.” So, when I first saw a copy of “The Diet Solution” by Isabel De Los Rios that someone was raving about, I remained silent.

Actually, I rolled my eyes. Here we go again. How about you just eat less and move more? Hey, I’m certainly no skinny balinks by any means, but I’m active and I eat a lot of very healthy foods. I won’t get on that band-wagon. And, yes, now that I’ve spent the last few years sitting on my tuckus in front of this computer, I’m not one to talk about a lot of that until I can show you a photo of me weighing 25 pounds less than I do right now.

But that’s not the point of this post. I wanted to mention that I agreed to read The Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios – or at least skim it.

That’s when my eyes stopped rolling.

While I don’t agree with absolutely everything she mentions (she occasionally cites a particular doctor who I think is a hyped up “natural health guru” that I find a bit abrasive. But that’s just me.), my jaw dropped when I found her echoing a LOT of my own beliefs.

I could go on and on about THAT particular topic, such as my views on artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup and food dyes (I don’t think any of that stiuff should be allowed in food). Or, I could mention her thoughts on white flour and sugar (she doesn’t like it), or a myriad of other things.

What particularly struck me was her theory about metabolism type – for example, she feels that some people’s metabolisms work better if they eat more carbs than protein, more protein, or an equal balance of both.

I was also intrigued by her meal plan ideas, as well as the overall tone of the book.

So, after experimenting with a bit of what she discusses in her book, I wrote this article about The Diet Solution and Isabel De Los Rios and my own experience.

If you’d like to read it, please CLICK HERE to Continue to the Article => The Diet Solution Isabel De Los Rios.

Have a great day! ūüôā

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Bring the Fresh Review From a Different Perspective

Bring the Fresh Review with Kelly Felix and Mike LongBring the Fresh Review

Bring the Fresh was a high-quality and step-by-step affiliate marketing program designed by Kelly Felix (formerly known as “The Rich Jerk”) and his business partner Mike Long. As of 2023 it is no longer available.

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WOW! How Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce Lost 100+ Pounds the Old Fashioned Way…

Bree Boyce Miss South Carolina Lost More than 100 Pounds! Wow!Talk about motivation and healthy living tips! ¬†Thanks to the new Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce, who lost more than 100¬†pounds the old fashioned way (i.e. by exercise and eating right – remember my post “Eat Less…Move More?” )

Whenever South Carolina makes the news,¬†I tend to pay attention because I’ve spent three winters in the Myrtle Beach area of that beautiful and friendly state (Yes,¬†indeed… Southern Hospitality is alive and well!).

And, of course my readers know that I’m into all things Self Development – whether it’s about Career,¬† Spirituality,¬† Motivation,¬†Inspiration,¬†or Healthy Living Tips that I love to learn from others and share.

So,¬† when I saw a piece on the internet today about the new Miss South Carolina,¬†Bree Boyce and her platform to promote healthy living, I knew I needed to read all about it. (NOTE: I had originally embedded the interview from MSN’s Today – but the embed code didn’t keep the story. After you read the highlights of this interview, scroll down and you’ll find another great interview I found on YouTube for you.)

What an inspiration! Not to mention courage to go out and tell the whole world (with pictures) about her journey from about 234 rather unhealthy pounds to about 124 pounds of fit and healthy happy human! “It’s not about a number on a scale or the size of your pants…It’s about being a size ‘Healthy’,¬†and loving yourself,¬†and having that self worth…”

In an interview on TV,¬†the host asked Bree Boyce,¬†“Part of (your) story is what turned the knob…what made you change into what you’ve become – a healthy,¬†focused woman… What was the thought?”

Bree Boyce responds,¬†“I had so many dreams and aspirations for myself…and I knew that being so unhealthy I could not accomplish any of those dreams. So by changing my lifestyle completely,¬†I did a 180…and it has been completely amazing,¬†and I’m just so excited…”

She explains that she works out 2-3 hours a day before a competition,¬†and 30-60 minutes a day for a lifestyle. Her food choices have changed from fatty foods (she was a self confessed junk foodie),¬†to nutritious foods including whole grains,¬†fruits,¬†vegetables,¬†lean meats… She says she educated herself about what she was eating and how it was fueling her body. (For a nutritionist’s view on healthy eating,¬†visit the new “Beyond Diet” book¬†here where Isabel is adamant about a healthy lifestyle versus “dieting.”)

One thing that I find very inspiring about Bree Boyce is how she responds to the interviewer who discusses going out there in “pretty much a piece of Spandex” for the swim suit competition. Bree says she did not think of anyone else – only herself.

She thought only about how hard she had worked, and how many people she hoped to inspire as a result.


The interviewer asks Bree Boyce what she might say to others to offer some inspiration. Bree responds,¬†“Whatever it is in life that you want to do,¬† it takes hard work. There’s no secret…” She emphasizes again that it hard work…determination…perseverence.

If this sounds like nothing new or out of the ordinary,¬†you’re right. It’s just one more person who has met with success by following a proven and successful blueprint. No “magic bullet.” No new rabbits being pulled out of any new type of fancy hat. What has worked for countless others in the past and today will also work for countless others in the future.

So, if you want a bit of inspiration for that “healthy living tips” section of your self development plan,¬†have a look at Bree Boyce,¬†a most inspirational Miss South Carolina,¬†and understand that whatever challenges you or I might have,¬†there’s something we can do about them. Also, if you are of a mind to do so, I suggest reading about “Beyond Diet”by Isabel De Los Rios – a nutritionist who honestly makes more sense than any “diet guru” possibly could. Actually, you can read an article I wrote about my own interesting experience with The Diet Solution that I started reading. You can see the article here => “My Take on The Diet Solution (now known as “Beyond Diet”)” by Isabel De Los Rios.

How much effort we put into our dreams and goals depends largely on how badly we want something. If you take a look at Bree’s journey and results, you’ll quickly see that she wanted to experience her dreams VERY intensely.

How badly do you want your own dreams to come true? If this doesn’t inspire you to go for your dreams, I don’t know what will! ūüôā¬†Thanks for reading! Hope it helped motivate you…

Adrianne Curry Uses The Flex Belt

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