Great Entrepreneurial Success Stories! Integrity in Business and Life with Jared Elvidge

My Friend Jared ElvidgeI admit that I am a sucker for wonderful, feel-good entrepreneurial success stories. They inspire and motivate me. What’s even better is when I know the person I’m hearing about!

Now, with all the internet marketing scams out there, it is refreshing to align with people like Jared Elvidge who are honest, and who operate with integrity. Is it any wonder why he is one of my recent favorite entrepreneurial success stories? 🙂

Also, it is equally refreshing to come across individuals who offer value and true service.

If you read my first article in my Internet Marketing Education series, you already know that I get pretty excited by people who not only practice what they preach, but also exhibit high standards and values in their work. They come by their successes NOT by promising “get rich quick” schemes or other sleazy tactics.

They come by their successes honestly, after hard work.

Like Chris Farrell and Jo Barnes, Jared’s keystone is delivering integrity and value – which is probably why I, along with hundreds of my colleagues interested in true self development and entrepreneurial strategies really find ourselves resonating with them and their practices.

In a wonderful interview with Jared, I got even more of a glimpse into who he is and what makes him “tick.” Please allow me to share this interview with you now.

Because of all the important practices that Jared was willing to share with me, I wound up writing FIVE separate parts to this article (in addition to this introduction!) – which I have broken into the following sections:

Click on PART 1 – Jared’s Background
Click on PART 2 – Reshuffling Priorities
Click on PART 3 – Jared Elvidge and Jo Barnes Launch “The Social Networking Academy”
Click on PART 4 – Best Practices for Busines and Life, and for Formulating Goals and Objectives
Click on PART 5 – Avoiding “Shiny Object Syndrome” and Balancing Work and Life

I hope you enjoy reading, getting to know, and learning from Jared as much as I have enjoyed it! I think you will agree after reading, that this is one guy we could all learn a LOT from. He’s a good friend.

So, with no further ado, let’s go! Please continue by CLICKING HERE => Jared’s Background

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