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Bring the Fresh Has a GREAT Membership Forum - Click Here to Learn about This Excellent Marketing ProgramNote: May 2014 – As mentioned in other articles here on the site, SEO practices have changed, and with it, the BTF has kept up with the current changes as well. I am still a member of BTF, and people are still enjoying learning from Kelly – totally updated program as of now. Nonetheless, the following is the original text from 2012:

No sooner had I updated my Squidoo lens about Bring the Fresh and Internet Marketing Education, I realized that the photos I added when I talked about the Bring the Fresh member forum, the screenshots that I tried to add just would NOT show up correctly.

So I thought that this might be a good opportunity to expand a little on the topic of the Bring the Fresh membership forum, and what a potential member might find there.

Also, when I initially wrote about Bring the Fresh here at the site, I hadn’t had as much experience with the forum as I do now.

Now that I’ve been a member myself for quite a while, I can speak far more confidently about what I personally get from being a member of this community.

Bring the Fresh Progress Report…

First of all, I don’t know if you saw the “Bring the Fresh Progress Report” that I wrote here March 1, 2012, but it’s pretty darned exciting to see commissions and sales. It means that you’re doing a good job!

One of the things that Kelly Felix and Mike Long continually emphasize at Bring the Fresh is the importance of unique and high quality content. The membership at Bring the Fresh, and the very successful members who are very active at the forum are in agreement.

There are so many helpful “threads” on the forum that discuss strategies, how to get great content for your websites (especially helpful for people who aren’t always confident in their own writing abilities), how to get great backlinks, etc.

Here is an example of one of the forum threads:

Bring the Fresh Forum Screenshot

This is a “Success” category. Again, I’ve shaded the names of the forum participants to protect the members’ privacy. I have also posted a few small successes of my own there! It’s really a wonderful feeling to have people stop by my comment and give me a virtual “pat on the back!” It spurs me on to continue my work.

Likewise, I go in and congratulate others on THEIR successes. We are all there for one another.

Here is another example of one of the forum threads:

Bring the Fresh - Another Forum Screenshot

This is a screenshot showing a typical thread where people are either sharing ideas, asking for help, or asking for opinions and critiques. What I have noticed on these is that most members are VERY professional in their responses to others. They are kind in their criticisms if being asked to critique another person’s site, but they also don’t sugarcoat things.

This group tends to tell it like it is.

These are pretty serious marketing professionals here (By the way, if you noticed in the success thread above, one member mentions $80,000 in  a month. This particular member is one of the most helpful people in the forum. He shares his knowledge willingly and is definitley an ACTION TAKER).

Anyway, I really just wanted to post this page so that you could learn a little bit more about the Bring the Fresh forum than I knew when I initially joined and began participating there.

Since then, I log in nearly every day. I do check my Forum update emails to see what threads might be new or very active since my last visit. It’s one of the only forums I have been a member of that has such a laser focus on taking action and producing results.

If you do decide to join Bring the Fresh – or even if you are already a member, but don’t use the forum – I urge you to participate. You will learn so much more by immersing yourself  in a community of people who are all committed to success – not just their own success, but the success of all of us.

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