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Bring the Fresh Review with Kelly Felix and Mike Long

Note: May 2014 update. I’m leaving the review as is, because it’s exactly as I experienced it in 2011 and 2012. Since then, Mike has departed BTF in order to work on different projects. Since then, I’ve met Mike in person at a big conference for a particular program I also follow with Greg Morrison. But, I am still a member of BTF, and Kelly has just updated the entire program to be in keeping with current 2014 practices. The internet changes so much, and some of what was current in 2011 and 2012 has changed dramatically. So, the best bet is to head over to the site and see what’s new. Thanks! Ok, here is my original review!

My “Bring the Fresh” Review with Kelly Felix and Mike Long is going to be a tad bit different take on step-by-step affiliate marketing training. First of all, please note that I did not receive any review copies or any preferential treatment at all. Kelly and Mike don’t know me – I’m not well-known (well, except to me and my hubby).

I’m just some gal who loves working on line, and I have soaked up a LOT of training materials. I’ve bought more than my share of “magic bullet” programs, and have been working on line since 2007.

Bring the Fresh, a program by Kelly Felix and Mike Long is a step by step affiliate marketing training program that is advertised as bringing a fresh perspective to internet marketing.

Tiffany Dow and Bring the Fresh

I remember seeing a pretty long piece about Bring the Fresh before I bought the program – and in particular, about Kelly Felix on Tiffany Dow’s blog – and if you know anything about Tiffany Dow, you know that she tells it as she sees it! 🙂 She’s got quite a bit of energy when it comes to digging into different programs. She inspires me to action!

In short, she had started out with some fairly harsh words about Kelly Felix (remember “The Rich Jerk” program? That was Kelly Felix’s brainchild.). But in the end, she came to really respect Bring the Fresh and helped bring it into the limelight. And, as it turned out, Kelly Felix’s “Rich Jerk” character really was just a character.

Turns out that Kelly Felix is actually quite the gentleman, and his Bring the Fresh Program is VERY encouraging to internet newbies!

Anyway, because in this Internet Marketing Education section of the website, I am always interested in sharing my own thoughts on various internet marketing education programs, products, and experts, I thought it was time I took a good look at Bring the Fresh.

Again, you need to know that in the case of Bring the Fresh, I have NOT spoken or communicated directly with Kelly Felix or Mike Long as I have in some of my other internet marketing education articles or entrepreneurial strategies (Jared Elvidge or Chris Farrell for example).

However, I CAN speak to Kelly or Mike because – if you can believe this – they actually GIVE members their cell phone numbers.

Of course, Kelly Felix and Mike Long request that people respect and not abuse the privilege. I honestly haven’t had any reason to call them since most of the information in the program is clear enough for my purposes. But the idea that I CAN call them is very intriguing.

The “Members-Only” Bring the Fresh Forum Bring the Fresh Member's Forum

There is a very active members only community at Bring the Fresh. I am active in it myself – sometimes I found myself spending TOO much time in the forum when I should have actually been working! 🙂

I went in recently and told them I’d be a little “absent” for a little while so that I could take ACTION on my affiliate niche sites! 🙂 I tend to enjoy the the comraderie and support that a forum like this provides.

I should mention that in the Bring the Fresh member forum, you do see a lot of Kelly and Mike – which is really nice. They interact, they answer questions, and this is a very encouraging thing to members. Especially members who have NEVER attempted an internet or especially an affiliate marketing business.

UPDATE: I have a lot more to say about the Bring the Fresh Members’ Forum, and you can read that newer article at the article: Bring the Fresh Forum Review HERE

Bring the Fresh Concentrates on Affiliate Niche “Mini-Sites”

If you know Chris Farrell and his membership, you probably know that Chris is THE MAN when it comes to teaching what has become widely known as “Relationship Marketing.” When building a content-rich and ever-growing, long-term site and a mailing list, you MUST learn about Relationship Marketing, building a list, and learning how to use Facebook as a marketer. This is Chris Farrell’s specialty, and he does it superbly. I know! I’ve learned from him myself!

That is not what Bring the Fresh is about, however. This program takes a look at smaller markets, and creating content-rich “mini sites” – sites that you build, and then promote. The idea is that you will probably NOT expect to earn thousands of dollars per month per site; rather, shoot for earning a few HUNDRED dollars per month.

Bring the Fresh is Ideal for Newcomers to Internet Marketing

What makes this approach ideal for true newcomers to the field of internet or affiliate marketing is that you learn a FEW things and implement them – and do it quickly. The program is designed to help you get started quickly.

Simply put, the program starts you out with keyword research and choosing a competitive niche where you stand a chance of competing against the “big guys.” You spend some money of course  – but not a lot (e.g. keyword tool, your domain names, hosting service, and perhaps backlinking services or article submission services, etc).

It’s also realistic. And the expectations are realistic for anyone – not just newcomers. By now, I would certainly hope that most people looking for ways to make money on the internet from home would stop hoping that some “push button program” is going to become their personal cash ATM.

With Bring the Fresh Online Success Is Possible

There’s Room for Mistakes

You can make mistakes and learn from them without it costing you a small fortune. For example, suppose you think you’ve found a great niche and can’t wait to move ahead! So you buy your domain name and write all sorts of great content, get some great backlinks, and begin getting traffic…. but no sales! Hmmm. Then, as you move forward you realize that just perhaps that keyword you thought was so great was an “information seeking” keyword rather than a “buying keyword.”

Information Keyword vs Buying Keyword

As an example, an information keyword phrase might be “XYZ Information” – where someone is seeking to gather INFORMATION about “XYZ.” But, a BUYING keyword phrase might be “Where to buy XYZ.” If you built your site around Flex Belt Information, you would get “information seekers.” Not quite ready to buy. BUT if you built your site around “BUYING XYZ” – well that would be a different story, wouldn’t it?

Your primary expenditures – in my opinion – will be the Market Samurai keyword tool (they talk about the free Google Keyword tool; however, over the last couple of years, I’ve learned that I would be LOST without my Market Samurai keyword tool. I love it!)

The Only “Downside” of Bring the Fresh

There really is only one or two things that I think could be improved with Bring the Fresh.
1) I feel that the Fast Start Guide could be a little better organized, with bulleted Sections, Titles, etc. I got spoiled by Chris Farrell and his literal “step-by-step” instructions. Plus, as a writer, I find that Sections, sub-headings, bullet points, etc make for easier reading.

2) Some of Mike Long’s videos go on a little long for me. It could be that I simply have a short little attention span. 🙂

Other than that, it’s content. Quality content aimed to get you up and moving.

With Bring the Fresh, Online Success Is Possible

Internet Marketing Tools I Recommend (Please note, for most of these, I’m also an affiliate. If you purchase through my link, I humbly thank you!)

Market Samurai. This is THE best keyword tool I think I’ve ever used. I would truly feel quite lost without it! You can get a free trial to see if it will work for you. If you find that it suits you, it’s only a one-time fee – sometimes they have specials, but I’ve never seen it go for more than $150. I love it.
=> CLICK HERE to Access Your Free Trial of Market Samurai

HostGator. Although I do use a few other e-commerce website solutions for various sites I have, for building multiple sites quickly, so far I’ve found that HostGator is the best. They have responded to my “newbie” questions quickly, knowledgably, and have eased my worried little mind when it comes to trying to figure out the “techie” end of things.
=> CLICK HERE to get your HostGator Account Started.

GoDaddy. This is where I get my domains. All of them (except for one that I bought at auction at DynaDot). One word of caution: When completing your order, GoDaddy uses a lot of upsells. Do you need them? It’s up to you – Chris Farrell has recommended that they’re unnecessary for the most part. Some people like having their privacy protected (in other words, where your registration information is kept private). I’m not concerned about it at this point, so I don’t buy it. But ultimately it’s up to you.
=> CLICK HERE to Purchase Your Domain (or Domains!)

Submit Your Article. I recommend Steve Shaw’s article submission service ONLY if you REALLY plan on using article marketing techniques. At about $50/month, it can add up if you aren’t using it. Test the waters by submitting a few articles to eZineArticles on your own first and see if article marketing appeals to you. If it DOES appeal to you, I have found Steve’s service second to none. PLUS, he has endless and wonderful advice on article marketing as well!
=>CLICK HERE to Sign Up for Submit Your Article

Bring the Fresh Program. Of course I’m recommending it! 🙂 Here’s my link => CLICK HERE to Join Bring the Fresh Today!



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