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Internet Marketing Education with Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell has the #1 voted Best Internet Marketing Services online today!

If you learn from Chris Farrell, you are learning from one of the best.

Just a quick post about internet marketing education ala Chris Farrell. He’s the best. Hands down.

Frankly, I had never even heard of Chris Farrell before this past August. Iwas going along merrily, marketing my various websites –  marketing cheap discount kids clothes at the time, and writing about resort vacations (which John & I love).

At the time, I had been marketing online for 3 years, and was seeing some excellent results and progress. My sites were growing in popularity and rank. But I also realized that I needed to take my businesses to the next level. And I had also been wanting to launch additional sites offering Self Development and Growth resources, since this is a topic very dear to my heart.

It was around then that my search for additional marketing materials brought Chris Farrell and his internet marketing education services to my attention. I spent hours watching and learning from a wealth of free materials that Chris offers through his membership site (which you can access here => Chris Farrell Internet Marketing Education at

Chris taught me strategies that frankly I had never even considered – for example, the importance of using Facebook marketing, relationship marketing, etc. I can honestly say that if it had not been for Chris Farrell, I would not be typing in my Self Development and Growth blog now. I would not have written the Personal Goal Planning Strategies guide that I sell at Self Development Strategies.

Chris Farrell has opened my eyes to a whole new level of internet marketing education that I had been previously unaware of. That’s the reason I decided to put an Internet Marketing Education section here at Self Development and Growth – because I’m sure that many other people who are interested in Personal Development are also the type of person who looks to venture into earning additional money online.

So, for those of you who are interested in this topic, please be sure to check out the articles I’m posting at the Internet Marketing Education section – and you can read a little bit more about Chris Farrell at my article here => Internet Marketing Education with Chris Farrell.

Thanks for reading! And Chris, if you are reading this: THANK YOU! 🙂

Kath 🙂

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