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Hello world! From Kathy at Self Development and Growth

It’s funny how when you start a blog using WordPress for the first time, there is a default post called “Hello world!”

I know that most people probably overwrite that title – but it occurred to me that I really AM saying “Hello world!” After all, I’m putting myself “out there” for the whole world to see – and so I figured I’ll just keep that one!

If you read that “About Kathy” page, you already know that I’m WAY into Self Development and Growth – whether you call it “Self Improvement” or “Personal Development” or “Self Realization…” whatever it is you call your particular journey – I’m on it.

I guess that if you have found me here, you are on this journey as well.

From what I’ve been learning from people who do a lot of blogging, I’ll best serve this particular blog by putting posts in specific categories. For example, if I find some good information about a particular practice such as “visualization techniques,” I’ll try to have a “Visualization Techniques” related category. We’ll see how that goes! 🙂

My Experience (well, some of it…) that may Help You or Interest You…
Some of the things that I am into and have had a great deal of experience include:
=> Career Development (including helping people figure out what they want to do for work, help develop resumes, cover letters, interviews, etc),
=> Goal Setting, Planning and Attainment,
=> Motivation and Inspiration,
=> The Sedona Method and the related Release Technique – both similar but taught by different experts,
=> Law of Attraction information (that is, going beyond the pop culture fluff part of it),
=> and a lot more.

What I do…
My primary work takes place online where I develop my websites selling all sorts of various things (from cheap kids clothes to awesome family vacation memberships to portable garages and shelters to – of course – self development and growth related products).

Some of my General Interests…
Some general interests I have that you may find me writing about include walking/hiking, gardening, alternative health, alternative cooking (which to me translates “cooking from scratch without using junk ingredients”), travel, music, spirituality, and a lot more!

My greatest gifts include listening, writing, singing, and doing things from my heart. And that includes this blog. Everything I do and write comes from my heart.  So, I truly do hope that you enjoy your time here, and that you will offer your own thoughts as well!

I only have one request from readers who wish to comment – and I truly do hope you will comment – and that is this:
While I do not mind you putting your own website link to link to your name, please use a real name instead of just a keyword, and please – I ask this from the depths of my heart – please do not post “comment spam.” I want all my readers to gain value from one another. Spam does not give anyone value. Please make a comment that shows you 1) have read the post and 2) are genuinely interested in offering your thoughts and impressions. Oh… ok, so I have TWO requests… The 2nd request is that you be kind in your comments. Thank you!

Please enjoy your stay here, and visit often!

🙂 Kath

And yet another person gets fired due to a Facebook rant

What is it with people and their Facebook rants anyway? As a former career coach, I have explained to people – over and over – to NEVER, EVER say nasty things about others on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform. In fact, I’m pretty sure that my standard advice is to never say anything nasty, period. At all. I wrote about this pretty extensively here on this very site in this career advice article.

But there ya go. Yet another disgruntled person posted something about how she “wished” to get fired. Wow. So, I guess the boss saw it and pretty much said, “Fine. You’re wish is my command. You’re done here bucko.” The person was fired, thanks to that great post on Facebook.

How is it even remotely possible that people are still being so naive about this? Do they still honestly think they can continue writing stuff like this on public sites and expect to advance in their careers?

Or, since I’m on the subject, and on my own rant, how about people who use cuss words in their posts and updates? I may be old-fashioned… no. Strike that. I AM old-fashioned. Old-fashioned in the sense that I still believe that certain things are “right” and certain things are “wrong” when it comes to manners, and I think that displaying good manners in social media forums is wise. Not just for keeping our jobs, but for keeping our self-respect as well.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t voice opinions – I’m just saying that we should be polite and civil. Save the arguments for when you meet up with someone in private.

Frankly, I don’t blame the boss. If I were a boss and saw my employee say that in public, I’d fire her or him as well.

Although I have an account on Facebook, I’m not terribly active on the platform (note: I do have a page these days on Facebook for one of my companion sites. I’d love to see you over there! Personal Transformation With CASedge)  . It makes me cringe when I see posts that bash other people’s religious or political beliefs. I kind of look at Facebook as a cocktail party gone bad – where, instead of refraining from talking about sports, politics and religion, that’s ALL some people tend to talk about without considering the audience. And, when it comes to maintaining a professional profile if you want to get or keep a job, it really is best to avoid certain topics.

A good rule of thumb might be to consider whether or not you would be ok if your boss (or your mother or father) were to read your post.

Another good rule of thumb before posting something is to consider the classic “4-way test” made famous by the Rotary Club:
1. “Is it the truth?”
2. “Is it fair to all concerned?”
3. “Will it build goodwill and better friendships?”
4. “Will it be beneficial to all concerned?”

So, even if the boss IS a jerk (the “truth” in someone’s mind), I’m guessing that saying so in a public forum probably doesn’t meet the criteria for the other 4 statements.

Obviously, it’s a free country, and someone can say whatever he or she wants – but, just remember that as much as we have the right to say as we please, others have the right to react to it as THEY please.

So, if you want to 1) GET a job, or 2) KEEP a job, or 3) ADVANCE in a job, then a great place to begin is by being more careful about you post or say out loud.

Reading the Procrastination Cure by Jeffery Combs - Click here to read my EXTENSIVE Review...

Overcoming Procrastination with The Procrastination Cure

Reading the Procrastination Cure by Jeffery Combs - Click here to read my EXTENSIVE Review...Hoo boy… Once again, I have totally put my heart out on my sleeve and have talked about one of my personal demons – Procrastination.

If you read my earlier post a couple of months ago about how I got a copy of the book “The Procrastination Cure – 7 Steps to Stop Putting Life Off” (by Jeffery Combs), you’ll know that this is a VERY important – if not somewhat touchy topic for me.

WHY do I have to spill out my guts every time I sit down to write? I honestly do not know.

It just happens. I cannot seem to help it, and I cannot seem to stop it.

This stuff touches quite a nerve with me, because (as you’ll see when you read my review), procrastination and I have a long relationship. Oh yeah, we go waaaay back.

For example – and this just came to me: WHY did I fail at being a Girl Scout? It wasn’t that I didn’t WANT to earn badges. But, I kept putting off doing the work. So, I never got the girl scout badges, and my Girl Scout career ended on a less-than-satisfactory note by 4th grade.

(It’s actually quite the story… More of a confession, actually: Suffice it to say I forged some initials on Girl Scout Badge Pages in the Handbook, and then blamed my little sister for it. The scout leader somehow knew I lied, and my sister was off the hook. Sadly, I was not. That was my last day at Girl Scouts. See what procrastination can do for you?)

There are some things that I put off because I’m afraid to do them. Afraid or not – it’s still procrastination.

There are other things that I put off because I’m still mired in emotions about them. “Should I? Shouldn’t I? Will it be GOOD? Will it be BAD?” Yikes… what a chocolate mess cowtowing to procrastination can caucse!

The worst type of procrastination – I think – is something that you’ll read about in my article – which started out primarily as a review about Jeff Combs’ book “The Procrastination Cure…”

The worst type is when you put something off for so long that there comes a day when it’s actually just too late. You couldn’t complete the activity if you ate your Wheaties, drove a Ferrari to the site, or even if you were handed a million dollars on the spot to do it.

Because it’s just too late. The person is no longer living, and it is a physical impossibility to now complete the activity that was put off for so long.

So. There you have it.

As I was writing my review of the book, I thought about WHERE on this website I should place it. Should I place it under “Personal Goals and Motivation?” Or perhaps “Life Strategies for Success?” Surely, the article can fit in either of those categories.

But for the moment, I have placed it under “Entrepreneurial Strategies” and here is why: I truly believe that procrastination has hindered my success in business in the past more than any other contributing factor. And that hinderance affects other parts of my life as well.

And I have a feeling – especially after reading the book – that procrastination is a toughie for other entrepreneurs as well. I explain this more in the full article. I’ll definitely link to the article from my other sections of the site, because I feel it is so incredibly important.

I would rather not see others feel the pain of not completing something that they really COULD have completed.

Enough is enough. Let us all succeed. I always talk about taking action. Let’s take some together.

So, let’s move on. I now invite you to read my review and discussion of…

 The Procrastination Cure – 7 Steps to Stop Putting Life Off… To read it, please click HERE.


I Know What Would Be Great

A Little Daydreaming on “You Know What Would Be Great??”

I Know What Would Be GreatAfter reading an inspiring little lesson from some successful guy who talks about how he was inspired by his 6-year old, the idea came to me.

This guy’s little 6-year old started the day with “You know what would be great?” And he proceeded to tell everyone how great it would be to all pile into the car and go to breakfast before school and work.

Before you knew it, this little guy had everyone practically tasting the pancakes… And the parents, who previously wouldn’t have given it even the most remote consideration to such an idea on a school or work morning pretty soon had the kids in the car. Off they went for a fun breakfast.

Now, that particular essay has absolutely nothing to do with MY essay today. But, it inspired it. It inspired it by having me ask myself, “You know what would be great??”

Then, I thought of the cool things that would be great.

Along came a few more ideas… and then some more.

Well, one thing led to another, and I traced some “You know what would be great” ideas back to a different source. That of taking action.

So once again, I find myself on this topic! I hope you’ll join me over at You Know What Would Be Great? Another Essay On Taking Action here at the Entrepreneurial Strategies section of the site.

Now, you do not have to be an entrepreneur to get something out of this. I think that the words are true for any situation.

I hope you enjoy my latest thoughts – and please add your own when you’re done reading!

Please click here to read “You Know What Would lBe Great? Another Essay On Taking Action.”

Swollen Ankle 2 Weeks AFTER the Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)

Do YOU Exercise While Working? You Will After You Read This!

Swollen Ankle 2 Weeks AFTER the Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)After having a pretty scary incident happen recently (or at least since the time I wrote this piece), I decided that I could use my scary incident to add some extremely important information to our “Healthy Living Tips” section of the website.

First off, let me say that this was just “scary” and not “life-threatening” – or at least it was caught before it could possibly turn into a life-threatening situation. And, when I experienced it, I realized in a nano-second how very much I want to live! 🙂

Ok. It’s honestly not THAT dramatic. What this is REALLY about is the dangers of sitting on one’s tuckus in front of a computer screen all day (or sitting on one’s bottom all day for ANY reason). (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Message to My Readers

Happy ThanksgivingHi everyone! Here in the US we’re celebrating our Thanksgiving national holiday. Thanksgiving has always been one of my very favorite days – and even though I’m one who lives in gratitude and thankfulness, the overall vibration of the world always seems to be so much more loving on this day.

Of course, it makes me ponder why so many people only think of gratitude and thankfulness when they’re reminded of it (e.g. Thanksgiving or other holidays). 🙂 But, today, I just wanted to throw out a public message to you, my beloved readers and friends.

While I can spout out the usual things I’m thankful for (and which I honestly do NOT take for granted) such as a roof over my head, reliable transportation, more food than most, etc… today, I would like to put forth a couple of different things I’m thankful for!

I’m thankful that 5 years ago I was unable to find any more work in my area of New Hampshire. It was difficult to feel thankful about that at the time, but today, and at this very moment, I am sitting in 70-degrees, with a lovely breeze coming through the windows of a small place John and I are renting in Florida for the winter. If I had found regular 9-5 work again where I live in northern NH, I would be shovelling my driveway today since a storm came through yesterday. I do love parts of winter – but after all that time in Antarctica, I’ve had my share, and my fill of winter.

So, I am thankful that I now have a CHOICE of where to live at one time of the year or another.

Also, had I not been forced to find an alternative way to make a living (my choice is to work online), I would not be saying how thankful I am for the internet. It has brought me together with friends old and new all over the world!

I am thankful for the gorgeous little park that is literally around the corner, with a 1/2 mile walking/jogging path around a lovely little pond with leaping fish, and beautiful birds. We went for a walk there this morning, and it was stunning!

I am thankful for our Florida landlords who happened upon our original ad seeking winter quarters here in FL. I am thankful for their willingness to work for us and for their trust. We do not take that lightly!

I am thankful for my buddy Martin, my accountability partner, who cracks the whip when I feel like doing anything other than writing! His encouragement and example are inspiring! He is putting his money where his mouth is as he, too, builds his internet business, and I am extremely impressed by his level of commitment and – most importantly – his follow through (just for one example, here’s his Drag Racing Videos site. Tell me this guy isn’t inspired!)

I am thankful for my family – especially that my Dad, who had a stroke back in May is back at home, independent, and driving again.

I am thankful for the works of teachers such as Joseph Murphy, Ernest Holmes, Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani, and countless others who brighten my days with wisdom and enlightenment, and who encourage me in every way.

I am thankful for Brenda, our realtor up in NH who has ideas like no one I’ve ever seen in her untiring passion for marketing real estate.

And finally, on this special day of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for John – truly the world’s best husband and friend. I honestly couldn’t ask for anyone better in my life! And, he also supports and encourages me in my work – and I in his, where he is working to build his own blog at Buying and Selling to Make Money I am so very blessed to have his love!

And, I am grateful and thankful to readers who take the time to visit my blog and read what I have to say. Thanks to each and every one of you!

Lots of love,


Bree Boyce Miss South Carolina Lost More than 100 Pounds! Wow!

WOW! How Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce Lost 100+ Pounds the Old Fashioned Way…

Bree Boyce Miss South Carolina Lost More than 100 Pounds! Wow!Talk about motivation and healthy living tips!  Thanks to the new Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce, who lost more than 100 pounds the old fashioned way (i.e. by exercise and eating right – remember my post “Eat Less…Move More?” )

Whenever South Carolina makes the news, I tend to pay attention because I’ve spent three winters in the Myrtle Beach area of that beautiful and friendly state (Yes, indeed… Southern Hospitality is alive and well!).

And, of course my readers know that I’m into all things Self Development – whether it’s about Career,  Spirituality,  Motivation, Inspiration, or Healthy Living Tips that I love to learn from others and share.

So,  when I saw a piece on the internet today about the new Miss South Carolina, Bree Boyce and her platform to promote healthy living, I knew I needed to read all about it. (NOTE: I had originally embedded the interview from MSN’s Today – but the embed code didn’t keep the story. After you read the highlights of this interview, scroll down and you’ll find another great interview I found on YouTube for you.)

What an inspiration! Not to mention courage to go out and tell the whole world (with pictures) about her journey from about 234 rather unhealthy pounds to about 124 pounds of fit and healthy happy human! “It’s not about a number on a scale or the size of your pants…It’s about being a size ‘Healthy’, and loving yourself, and having that self worth…”

In an interview on TV, the host asked Bree Boyce, “Part of (your) story is what turned the knob…what made you change into what you’ve become – a healthy, focused woman… What was the thought?”

Bree Boyce responds, “I had so many dreams and aspirations for myself…and I knew that being so unhealthy I could not accomplish any of those dreams. So by changing my lifestyle completely, I did a 180…and it has been completely amazing, and I’m just so excited…”

She explains that she works out 2-3 hours a day before a competition, and 30-60 minutes a day for a lifestyle. Her food choices have changed from fatty foods (she was a self confessed junk foodie), to nutritious foods including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats… She says she educated herself about what she was eating and how it was fueling her body. (For a nutritionist’s view on healthy eating, visit the new “Beyond Diet” book here where Isabel is adamant about a healthy lifestyle versus “dieting.”)

One thing that I find very inspiring about Bree Boyce is how she responds to the interviewer who discusses going out there in “pretty much a piece of Spandex” for the swim suit competition. Bree says she did not think of anyone else – only herself.

She thought only about how hard she had worked, and how many people she hoped to inspire as a result.


The interviewer asks Bree Boyce what she might say to others to offer some inspiration. Bree responds, “Whatever it is in life that you want to do,  it takes hard work. There’s no secret…” She emphasizes again that it hard work…determination…perseverence.

If this sounds like nothing new or out of the ordinary, you’re right. It’s just one more person who has met with success by following a proven and successful blueprint. No “magic bullet.” No new rabbits being pulled out of any new type of fancy hat. What has worked for countless others in the past and today will also work for countless others in the future.

So, if you want a bit of inspiration for that “healthy living tips” section of your self development plan, have a look at Bree Boyce, a most inspirational Miss South Carolina, and understand that whatever challenges you or I might have, there’s something we can do about them. Also, if you are of a mind to do so, I suggest reading about “Beyond Diet”by Isabel De Los Rios – a nutritionist who honestly makes more sense than any “diet guru” possibly could. Actually, you can read an article I wrote about my own interesting experience with The Diet Solution that I started reading. You can see the article here => “My Take on The Diet Solution (now known as “Beyond Diet”)” by Isabel De Los Rios.

How much effort we put into our dreams and goals depends largely on how badly we want something. If you take a look at Bree’s journey and results, you’ll quickly see that she wanted to experience her dreams VERY intensely.

How badly do you want your own dreams to come true? If this doesn’t inspire you to go for your dreams, I don’t know what will! 🙂 Thanks for reading! Hope it helped motivate you…

Adrianne Curry Uses The Flex Belt

Self Help and Personal Development Books Online

Self Help and Personal Development Books Online

Self Help and Personal Development Books OnlineI admit to ALWAYS seeking out self help and personal development books online. Now, first of all, I do NOT have a Kindle (yet) and so I tend to read my books the old-fashioned way (that is, by actually holding a BOOK).

I really love books. I love the feel of books. The smell of books.

My home is FULL of books (John & I lost count – I think we have several thousand though).

But I still look for self help and personal development books online. Sometimes I buy and download the PDF versions, and other times I just buy the books outright. The thing I think I like best about holding and reading a physical book – other than the fact that it’s a little easier on my eyes – is that I can outline and mark up my book.

John doesn’t much like marking up books. But please understand that he’s been a rare and used book dealer for many years (shameless plug: You can see John’s very own website here at Buying and Selling to Make Money which we just got started a couple of months ago). So, when he sees me marking up a book, he says, “Remember, every time you write in the book you lower its resale value…”)

But, I have no intention of reselling them. Even if I bought my self help and personal development books online for next to nothing, I bought them as part of my own journey on the path of self development.

Which is why I have probably 100 of them! 

Ok, I admit that recently (because we’re selling our house and we’re trying to lighten our “going into storage” load) I donated a big bag of some of my older self help books to the local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. My problem will, of course, be to avoid RE-buying them next time I’m in there and see them on the shelf! 🙂

When I bagged up that bunch of books, I realized that there were some I just could not bare to part with. I confess to having a few favorites. These books have been a really big part of my life in recent years, and they continue to inspire and motivate me.

Wanna hear what some of them are?

Today, I’ll go over 3 of my favorite authors. There are many more, but for now let’s start with these classics!

Ernest Holmes

ANYTHING by Ernest Holmes. Right now I am totally buried in the Science of Mind Textbook and Living the Science of Mind. I got turned on to Ernest Holmes purely by what some would call coincidence – another one of those yard sale finds! I happened to be at a yard sale in Myrtle Beach back in December, and came across Ernest Holmes’ Creative Mind and Success. It was a small book, and I poured over it and over it – re-reading passage after passage. I KNEW I needed more. So, off I trotted to Amazon, where I found both The Science of MindNew Thought Books) and Living the Science of Mind. So, that’s what I am really into right now.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a YogiBiographies & Memoirs of Religious Leaders).
I have adored Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings since 1997, when I came across his wonderful autobiography at a used book store in Portland, ME (Hah! You thought I was going to say “at a yard sale” didn’t you!) 🙂

I have read the book at least 3 or 4 times, and it goes almost everywhere with me (except on vacation where I travel MUCH lighter.)

Charles Haanel

I admit that when I first looked up The Master Key System by Charles Haanel, I was surprised to see that the information – written back in 1916 or so – was first offered as a mail-order course. Fascinating! Anyway, I found myself very intrigued by his work – and liked the way he presented the information (bullet points). It makes it very easy for me to go through. I was fortunate enough to get to know one of the Unites States’ foremost experts on Charles Haanel, Tony Michalski, whose website is an EXCEPTIONAL resource for “all things Charles Haanel” and MUCH more.

Not only can you get every one of Charle’s Haanel’s books there, you can also join Tony on live calls where he talks about the different chapters of The Master Key System and how to incorporate these strategies for success in life for TODAY’S life. In other words, Tony helps bring the words from 1916 into the 2000s and make it applicable for today’s world. Finally, Tony has additional authors he features on his site that you might find inspiring and motivational.

In a future post, I’ll go over where you can find a few OTHER of my favorite self help and personal development books online if you are interested in learning from some of these classics and masters. I know that they have helped me a great deal in my own life.

In the meantime, here are a few of the books I just mentioned, here at Amazon!

This Woman KNOWS The Best Job Interview Technique Thanks to Career Jimmy!

Read This Job Interview Technique “Secret” by Career Jimmy

This Woman KNOWS The Best Job Interview Technique Thanks to Career Jimmy!

Another Job Interview Technique “Secret” by Career Jimmy

Actually, Jimmy’s job interview technique “secrets” aren’t really all that secret! It’s just that most people don’t or won’t use them. This I know, because I’ve used them with my own career coaching clients – some say they DID use them, others said, “Well… we’ll see how it goes.” Up to them! 🙂

Anyway, I’ll be posting numerous tips similar to this job interview technique “secret” by Jimmy Sweeney – aka “Career Jimmy” as time allows.

First, I want to let you know that I have been marketing Jimmy Sweeney’s stuff for a couple of years now. I was introduced to his “Career Jimmy” brand after I had been contacted by a career coaching client who had suggested that I write up a collection of my own tips which had helped that client – among many others.

Well, as it turned out, as I began to research what was already being sold on the marketplace I was more than a little surprised to see something that looked familiar.

Uncannily familiar.

I felt I was reading my own stuff, when in fact I had stumbled across Jimmy Sweeney and his product line.

I wrote to Jimmy right away, and as soon as he got back to me, I knew we were on the same page entirely! Anyway, at the end of the day, I realized that I did NOT need to write my own material on job interview techniques, cover letter writing, OR creating a resume at all.

I got my own copies of everything Jimmy wrote, and after reading through “Career Jimmy’s” work, instantly decided that this was as close to my own ideas and strategies as could possibly be.

Which meant that I didn’t need to write anything at all. By this time, I signed up to market the entire line of Career Jimmy products, which include his Amazing Resume Creator and Guide, Amazing Cover Letter Creator and Writing Guide, and the popular “Wow! You’re Hired” Job Interview Technique package.

Jimmy wrote an article that I am featuring here under my Career and Job Resources category. I’ll add more of his tips as time allows – and believe me, he has a LOT of good advice. Of course I’m a little biased since a lot of what he teaches is stuff I have also taught my own clients. 🙂

Anyway, you can have a look-see here at his latest article. Apply it and you will see that you are gaining more of your prospective employer’s interest!
Click Here =>The Career Jimmy Job Interview “Secret” that Most People Just Won’t Use