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Bring the Fresh Review with Kelly Felix and Mike Long

Bring the Fresh Review From a Different Perspective

Bring the Fresh Review with Kelly Felix and Mike LongBring the Fresh Review

Bring the Fresh is a high-quality and step-by-step affiliate marketing program designed by Kelly Felix (formerly known as “The Rich Jerk”) and his business partner Mike Long.

I wrote quite a bit about this program under the Internet Marketing Education section of the site. But, even more, I linked to a small Bring the Fresh Review Blog (and Experience Blog) that I’ve been working on over the past month or two. The reason I waited so long to discuss the program here was because I wanted to give myself enough time to speak COMPLETELY knowledgably about it.

In my article, I think you’ll learn enough about the program to determine if it’s something you are interested in. It’s inexpensive to join (under $100), and it’s geared toward people who are specifically interested in affiliate marketing with smaller niche sites (versus larger sites and building a list to create long-term relationships – which is really Chris Farrell’s and Jared Elvidge’s specialties).

With Bring the Fresh, you’ll be introduced to a slightly different concept for building long-term income streams that are not only great for “internet marketing newbies” but for the seasoned marketing professional as well! => CLICK HERE NOW to Read my Bring the Fresh Review