Life Success Strategies Truth – Time Is Money

Most of the time, when we talk about various life success strategies, we usually discuss things in terms of goals, words of motivation and inspiration, etc… It seems we rarely think about the hard truth that Time is Money.

One thing that has helped keep me on track in my life is the thought that there is ONE thing that we are all given in equal shares – ONE thing that we absolutely cannot trade with anyone else. We can’t bargain for more. We can’t exchange it once we’ve used it. We can’t change how we’ve used it. That ONE thing is TIME.

Please watch this video – made by Gary Ryan Blair ( and tell me if you agree or disagree.

Usually, I’m pretty aware of this particular life success strategies statement about “time is money.” After all, I do a lot of self development and growth writing AND reading. I read a lot of words of motivation and inspiration. A lot.

I OFFER a lot of words of motivation and inspiration to people. But, one thing that I really do think we lose sight of is our time.

When I listened to where the video mentions that once the average American hits 37 years of age, that that’s typically the “half-way” mark, it sent a quick shudder down my spine.

It’s just one of those little “nudges” that made me realize that I have wasted FAR too much time in my life. And I cannot get it back…

Dear reader… PLEASE… If you have been the type of person who procrastinates or otherwise lets time slip away… PLEASE remember the content of this video and do something… Do ANYTHING to take some action toward the life you WANT to live. To do the things you say you WANT to do.

Look… I know first had that it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day rigamarole of life. It’s easy to lose sight of our goals. It’s easy to become a little discouraged when something happening “in the moment” isn’t quite what we’d hoped for in that moment.

Remember this video the next time you find yourself feeling discouraged. I can almost guarantee that you’ll spend a few moments less thinking about what just “went wrong,” and begin considering “Ok… This happened. What next?” and then go move forward.

Look, even if you don’t work with a coach, please consider what he talked about in this video and start thinking about the different ways that you can raise the bar for yourself to accomplish more for yourself and those you love.

Every minute counts. Every one…

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