Anita Moorjani, Her Near Death Experience, and a Changed Life

Screenshot of Anita Moorjani from Lilou Mace's ( YouTube interview about Anita's Near Death Experience

Anita Moorjani interview on YouTube – interviewed by Lilou Mace (

I hope you read my introduction about this section devoted to Anita Moorjani, her near death experience, and how life-changing I feel this is.

Please allow me to preface this page with a few somewhat “bulleted” thoughts:

– I have also spent quite a bit of time lately listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer on various videos – and this week spent 2 evenings with John watching Dr. Dyer’sPBS presentation entitled The Power of Intention.

– I also spend a lot of time with motivational YouTube videos, and happened again onto one of Dr. Dyer’s interviews – this one with Lilou Mace of fame. It was that interview that brought me to Lilou’s interview with Anita Moorjani – which you will be able to watch at the bottom of this page.

Again, if you have NOT yet read my introductory post about this page, may I respectfully request that you spent just a moment with it?

It will help you understand why I feel this is so critically important to us all in our lives. So – again, if you haven’t yet seen my introduction – Click Here to Review the Introduction (it will open in a new window so you don’t lose your place).

Thank you…

Ok. So, you now realize why I feel this is important. But you may not yet know much about Anita Moorjani other than that she had a remarkable near death experience. Heck, for all intents and purposes, she was gone…

I’m going to share three of THE most powerful videos I have seen to date about Anita, just below.Who and What Are We? I've learned a lot about this from Joseph Murphy...

But first, here are some life-changing thoughts I got from Anita.
So life changing, and so in tune with the teachings I mentioned above… Want to know your purpose? It is this:

Our purpose is to be true to who we really are at our core.

What are we at our core? The Answer – As Anita Moorjani sees it: We Are Unconditional Love.

Why is this so critical to understand? Well… and I can only speak truly for myself – but I get this “feeling” that “we” (notice the “we” here! LOL) or at least “I” have not always lived true to who I honestly feel I am at my core.

I have lived a good deal of my life trying to please others.
I’d go so far as to say I’ve lived MOST of my life that way.

I did my level best to please my parents. My teachers. My bosses. My siblings.
In fact – to this day – I honestly do not think any of my family have a real clue to what I really think.

You know why? I’ve never told them. Why would I want to talk about who I really am? Especially since they might not approve.

There is not a single person on this planet, other than John, who knows my opinion on various matters.

Anita Moorjani has awakened me to the fact that I have tended to live life in the
“Always Wanting To Please Others” Mode…

You won’t see my opinions on Twitter or Facebook. Or on my Squidoo pages (which are now my HubPages). I have had that built in “don’t want to offend anyone” thing going on…

Here’s a perfect example of this… A couple of years ago, I decided to vote in the presidential primary in my town. In the town and state where I was living, we’re required to tell the supervisors “which party” you are voting for – that is, “Republican” or “Democrat.”

When I mentioned the party I was voting for, one of the people checking me in actually said, “You’re kidding!” or words to that effect.

I was totally mortified, and found myself apologizing, and saying, “but I’m switching back right after!” and the person said something like, “That’s good!”

I know this person did not mean anything personal by it. And in fact, this individual apologized profusely later upon realizing that it was embarassing (and probably unethical) to say something like that in public.

But it was a perfect example of ME trying to act in a way that would please someone I didn’t even really know that well.

And this is a lovely person – but not someone I saw on a day to day basis who had any power over my job, my lifestyle, or anything else.

So WHY on earth would I make adjustments in who I am to please someone I hardly even know? Or anyone else, for that matter?
If you are not the type who seeks the approval of others, you’re steps ahead of me! 🙂

Me and John in St. Martin (and St. Maarten)I’m very grateful that John, my husband, is an extremely astute and intuitive guy. He knows pretty well what makes me tick, and the way I think. When I mentioned things like this – for example, living to make sure I make others happy – he’ll say stuff like, “Oh, no kidding… Are you DONE with that yet??”

Other perfect examples of my living my life the way I thought others wanted me to… I have 2 failed marriages behind me. The first one failed when I felt like I was always doing things to please my mother, who had passed away just before my first marriage broke up. When she died, I felt I no longer needed to please her – and my poor first husband was totally bewildered! He’s honestly one of the nicest guys in the world! Nonetheless, there you have it…

The second marriage never should have taken place to begin with – it was an unhealthy relationship to begin with, but I married anyway, and tried to please HIM and shape myself into the woman he wanted me to be- which of course, I could never do (I honestly just didn’t know this stuff back then).

I am a very lucky woman to now have a husband who honestly just wants me to be the person I truly am. In fact, it drives John nuts when I slip into “gotta please you” mode…

Anita Moorjani emphasizes paying attention to your emotions, and doing things out of loMe and My Guitar :) Click the image to read my Squidoo page about some of the songs that have shaped my…

As a person who loves to sing – why do I not sing as part of my lifestyle or living? Song is in my heart. When I sing, my heart and soul soar to new heights. When I sing, I’m told I bring happiness into a room. So why has singing not been a more integral part of my life?

As a person who loves to write – why is this website not 1,000 pages long?

So, when I heard Anita Moorjani talk about this stuff – about living OUR lives, instead of living a life someone else might think is best for us… Well, that hit a nerve with me.

THEN… if that’s not enough, Anita Moorjani talks about fear. How she realized as a result of her Near Death Experience how much of her life ws lived in fear. And AGAIN… I saw MYSELF!

Fear of this, that and the other thing. She talks about conditioning – things we’re taught and exposed to as part of our lives- and I realized, “Wow, I, too have fallen into the conditioning!” She mentioned how all the media coverage of negative stuff – including the well-meaning folks behind stuff like “cancer awareness” planted fear of cancer in her. She talks about her perception of diagnostic tests that are designed to LOOK FOR cancer. Wow… THIS is POWERFUL (You’ll hear her discussion of this in the Bob Olson YouTube video, Part 2).

Now, instinctively, I have long avoided watching news, and I do not “do” those “cancer awareness” activities myself.

I have felt guilty about that on occasion, because I have dear, dear friends and loved ones who have suffered with cancer. I support THEM personally, and help however I can… but I don’t necessarily support the “cancer awareness” runs and marathons. Now I realize why – it’s something deep-seated in me to be “pro-health” versus “anti-cancer.”

As I said, I kind of felt guilty about my opinion (there we are again! Apologizing for my opinion and the way I feel!).

But, now, I am saying right here for the world to see:
This is my stand. Please do not request that I donate to the American Cancer Society. I would rather donate to my friend who may be suffering in the here and now, and could use that $20 for gas to get her or him to the treatment they have chosen. Or to buy them an inspirational book that might help them fear less and live more.

Wow… that is positively liberating!

Anita Moorjani echoes the teachings of “my” masters – all mentioned above:
We are truly all one. We really are."Dying to be Me" by Anita Moorjani - her Near Death Experience and How it Changed Her Life

We are ALL at the center of our Universe. The sooner we truly realize all this stuff, the easier and more fulfilling our lives are going to be.

I invite you now to watch these videos… I pray that you find inspiration and a feeling of awe about who you really are. I’m so grateful that Anita has shared this incredible story.

The last thing I want to mention that Anita emphasizes – and this really hit home with me – is this:

Live out of LOVE… Not out of Fear.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

PLEASE NOTE: Anita Moorjani has a book coming out in March entitled “Dying to be Me.” You can order “Dying to be Me” here at Amazon.

In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy these video clips, and are as inspired by Anita and her story as I am!

VIDEO #1 – Anita Moorjani is interviewed by Lilou Mace ( – video obtained at Youtube. Approx 49 minutes long.


VIDEO #2 – Part 1 of Bob Olson’s ( interview with Anita Moorjani – video obtained at Youtube. Approx 46 minutes long. Goes into greater depth about what Anita learned and felt as a result of her near death experience.


VIDEO #3 = Part 2 of Bob Olson’s interview with Anita Moorjani. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve taken away from this amazing interview!

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