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=> Inspired by Anita Moorjani and her Near Death Experience – Life Changing!
I have recently become aware of a most remarkable woman by the name of Anita Moorjani, who – after experiencing a Near Death Experience when she was expected to die from a late-stage cancer – healed within days of her experience. I found the BEST videos, and included them in my article here. This is life-changing stuff. Please read!

=> As A Man Thinketh (With a Twist) – The Power of the Spoken Word
Most of us in the self development field are familiar with the famous “As a Man Thinketh” book. But how many of us go as far as to think about what we SAY – that is SPEAK OUT LOUD? Hmmm. Something to think about here. Contains an excellent link to one of my colleague’s blog where you can get a lot of indepth information.

=> On Giving and Receiving – Inspired by Charles Haanel
I was reading Charles F Haanel’s Part 4 of The Master Key System and was inspired to write about the importance of both giving AND receiving.

=> Overcoming Procrastination – An Important Key to Your Success
Incorporate this one simple technique for overcoming procrastination and watch your productivity skyrocket! I developed this part of my “life strategies for success” because I have been a member of the “put it off tomorrow” club. 🙂

=> Life Success Strategies Truth – Time Is Money
This article contains one of Gary Ryan Blair’s short videos about the true value of your time. It’s almost frightening to consider how much we waste. Yes, even me! And I write about this stuff!

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