My Own Internet Marketing Education Journey

screen shot from one of my btf videos2023: So much has changed – I no longer participate in ANY of the things mentioned in this article other than still working with Greg, and a couple of life and spiritual mentors.

But, it’s part of the journey. I (at some point back in 2013 or thereabouts) wrote a kind of reflective post about “getting here from there” – and how my last job ended. I know I say this a lot, but that whole thing was just downright weird. No one ever could explain it to me!

So, in comes Internet Marketing

So I began learning internet marketing. I bought an over-priced bunch of websites with minimal training and launched my first couple of sites. One of them was a pretty darned good success, and I was very proud of it. I no longer have that site, but I learned a lot, and also earned quite a bit, which was incredibly empowering and encouraging!

That spurred me on to build other sites. Along the way I bought a program called One Week Marketing by Jennifer Ledbetter (aka “PotPieGirl”), which got me started on Squidoo, and which is a Web 2.0 platform I still use a lot (just not using Jennifer’s method as much since the internet and the Google algorithm changes so much that those initial instructions are not kept current enough for my liking – you’ll see in my next paragraph).

A Bit About Squidoo:

2023 update: Squidoo is no longer in service.

Anyway, back to my little journey…

That’s when I met Chris Farrell…

In my best year running my successful website, I had managed to sell about $210,000 worth of products as a drop-ship dealer. That’s great; however, my margin was pretty narrow, and I spent a lot of time of the phone with people who just weren’t interested in buying.

I began to think, “if I can sell that much product with so little margin, SURELY I can find another product to sell with a greater margin.”

Searching around, I came across Mike Filsaime’s “Affiliate Dot Com” course, which featured Chris Farrell as the primary teacher. I instantly loved the way Chris explained things – he went into detail like no one else had before. I got to know him a little bit on the side, via messages and emails, and I found him to be an excellent, caring teacher.

In fact, this very website is a product of what I learned from Chris! There was only one thing that I found wasn’t really a good “fit” for me – and that’s Facebook. Chris, by his very buoyant nature, is a highly sociable guy. And Facebook is perfect for that! As it turns out, while I’m “sociable,” I’m just not into Facebook.

In fact, I honestly have to say that I don’t really enjoy it at all with the exception of being able to do some work there. So, as I struggled to try to make my personality fit the whole “interactive” deal, I realized that I’m just kinda quiet and prefer being in the background. I love writing in this blog and interacting with my subscribers, but to make social media my platform won’t work long-term for me.

In comes Bring The Fresh, the brainchild of Kelly Felix and a few others

When I came upon Bring the Fresh, and the name “Kelly Felix,” I initially giggled, because all I could think of was Kelly’s character “The Rich Jerk” which I found pretty hilarious (good info, but still funny given the character). I know a lot of people were offended by his invention – but for some reason I found it ingenious.

Upon investigating Bring the Fresh, I learned that Kelly is actually pretty driven to succeed and also to teach. He doesn’t come off as a “jerk” at all. So I joined up and almost instantly found my “home” – really, where I feel very welcome. I became an active member in their forum, and as a result have made a couple of excellent alliances as well as a very good friend, accountability partner, and mentor, and also someone I do business with, Martin Lotsberg.

2023 UPDATE: Bring the Fresh is No Longer Available, but I mention it because that’s where I met Greg.

I also met Greg Morrison there. And between Greg and BTF, here’s where I am now.

Greg became a member around when I did. But this young guy is evidently a heckuva lot more driven than I am! He had a baby on the way and made a decision to change his life and make some money so that he could support his son.

His story is nothing short of an internet phenomenon. I, along with every other BTF-er (that’s “Bring the Fresh-er”) waited his updates like some people wait to watch some TV star fall on his ass while dancing with some pro.

There is no way I can relate Greg’s story. It took place gradually, over about a year – and he amassed a million bucks (not all profit, but close enough). Obviously, he caught the eyes of the guys in charge of BTF, and wound up creating a cool program called One Man Gang Machines – or OMG. That’s because he essentially IS a “one man gang” – doing by himself what takes most people a lot more team effort and time. 2023 update: OMG is no longer about Greg. The people who drove that effort have gone in a different direction, but Greg is still going absolutely full speed ahead!

Greg is astonishing. Anyway, as of 2023, I work with Greg on different projects, and he amazes me with his knowledge.

I’ve had the unique honor of being able to get to know Greg a little bit over the last few years, and can tell you from personal experience that this guy is amazing. I do intend to write more about Greg. I am a paid member of his program – in other words, while I know that some people receive review copies of various products, I have NOT. I am a paid member. I do not currently have a link for the program, because as of 2023, Greg is now involved in different pursuits. But if and when I can direct you to a specific link, I will. I just don’t want to send you to something outdated.

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