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Chris Farrell has the #1 voted Best Internet Marketing Services online today!

If you learn from Chris Farrell, you are learning from one of the best. (Photo Used by Permission)

Note and update: Hi folks! When I initially wrote this, it was 2011, and I just need you to know that internet marketing strategies have changed considerably in the last few years. You probably knew that, though! Nonetheless, because Chris is such a great guy and really cares about people’s successes, and still teaches newbies in a wonderful way, I’m keeping my review here. This was my experience in 2010-2011, and I learned so very much from Chris. So, with that little update, please read my original review which starts now:

I have to confess that when it comes to internet marketing education, I’m a bit of a “Chris Farrell Groupie.” And, I am dedicating my first article in this series of internet marketing education resources to Chris, with humble thanks for what he has done for me.

I had the good fortune to meet Chris when I participated in an online course he taught in conjunction with Mike Filsaime. To say that I learned a lot is truly an understatement.

The reason I learned as much as I did was as much Chris Farrell’s style and method of teaching (and his delightful British accent!) as it was the content. I’m not alone with that opinion. Frankly, I haven’t met one single person in the course with me who wouldn’t agree that he is an absolutely marvelous teacher.


The Content:
To some people taking the course with me, it appears that quite a bit of what Chris taught was fairly beginner level.

Even though I am not quite a beginner at marketing online anymore, I nonetheless learned a lot even in the beginning sections. It never hurts to review processes – and since the internet changes so rapidly these days, I felt it would not hurt to revisit some of the beginner bits. It actually helped quite a bit to review certain concepts, and is PERFECT for any beginner.

Chris offers amazing value. More value and freebies than almost ANYONE I’ve ever seen.
It is quite intriguing to me that Chris gives as much away as he does. He gives an enormous amount of information for free. And when I say this, I don’t mean that he offers some chintzy 5-page “report” of stuff that can be found anywhere else on line. He gives high quality information away. He has actual courses that he gives away today that he once sold. You can see for yourself here at =>

It may be difficult to believe, but Chris has only been working in online marketing since 2008 – so he is proof of the statement, “If I can do it, You can do it!”

So, if it sounds like I am promoting Chris Farrell and his internet marketing education – you’re right! I am! Because I am living proof, showing tangible and measurable results of his teaching. I am a totally unsolicited testimonial that he is an outstanding teacher who delivers EXACTLY what he promises. I’ve even learned a lot about overcoming procrastination (something else I write about, because I’ve had a LOT of experience with that!)

So, go and learn from Chris in confidence. I did (and I’m still learning!). Here’s my link to his site:

One of the things that Chris introduced me to that – believe it or not I hadn’t ever heard of – was THIS platform! WordPress! That’s right – I had just never considered it! I have since come a long way, and have also been learning about how to use WordPress more professionally. What helps a lot (especially after you get the basics down) is using a paid or “premium” theme. Yes, WordPress offers numerous free themes. But, as you know – “you get what you pay for.”

Chris Farrell is “Mr. Facebook” and truly the “Face” of relationship or social (or Facebook) marketing.

Chris loves Facebook and relationship or social marketing. It shows. He’s not only wonderful at it and teaches by example, but he also does it in a step by step fashion. And, since Facebook is also free, it’s a great tool for marketing professionals to use!

NOTE: Since writing this review, I have added a video that I made about Chris and his membership site. I have Chris Farrell’s permission to use his images in the video…

 Please Click Here to see my Review Update, as well as this Video I made about Chris Farrell.

Stay tuned for other internet marketing education articles, reviews, and resources!

PS: If you liked what I wrote about Chris Farrell, would you please let your Facebook Friends know about it by clicking the “Like Button?” Thank you so much!(Yes, this is something else Chris taught us!)

  • Chris Farrell   /   February 26, 2011., 6:26 pmReply

    Kathy! I just have been told about this post of yours -- and I just wanted to jump on her to say THANK YOU for your very kind words. This was REALLY nice of you to write as you have. If I can help you with anything Kathy -- please do not hesitate to ask. And let me know if you're ever out here in sunny LA.... Kindest Chris Farrell

  • Kathy   /   March 1, 2011., 2:19 pmReply

    You are more than welcome Chris! You DO help - every day that I implement what you've taught me. :) I'll be in touch soon... Hugs to Frida, and please pet "the boys" for me. Kath

  • Martin   /   September 19, 2011., 2:19 pmReply

    You have piqued my interest Kathy. And the fact that Chris actually posted on here, says a lot. Very nice write up!

  • Bring the Fresh Kelly Felix   /   September 19, 2011., 4:28 pmReply

    It's also what is taught in Bring the Fresh with Kelly Felix and Mike Long. Although they're not as much into building onto the relationship marketing model - more affiliate niche sites.

  • Martin   /   September 19, 2011., 1:40 pmReply

    That seems a bit more feasible for me at present, for I am pretty new, without any internet marketing success, so starting small with some simple niche site seems a tangible way for me to start off.

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