Jared Elvidge – Part 2 – Reshuffling Priorities


Jared's Sons (before newborn Brody came along!)In Part 1 of my interview with Jared Elvidge, Jared gave us a brief glimpse into his background, and what “made him tick” at a young age.

Here, he talks a little about how he rearranged his life to align himself with new priorities.

KATHY: You mentioned that for a while, you were travelling the world, speaking to hundreds of potential entrepreneurs. This sounds very exciting! Why did you stop?

JARED: I ended my contract with the company when my son, Sammy, was born – I didn’t want to miss half his life being out on the road.  Since then (2008) I’ve continued to run my business from home, providing web design and internet marketing services for others, as well as working on e-commerce and affiliate marketing projects of my own.  I absolutely love what I do! Baby Brody Elvidge born in April 2011

KATHY: So, how long have you worked from home?

JARED: Off and on since 1999, but completely full time without any other source of income since 2008.

KATHY: As I understand it, you are 100% focused on delivering truthful and non-“hypey” help and value to people who are working toward the goal of earning a living on line. Please expand on where and/or how you became so insistent on this aspect of marketing?

JARED: It just doesn’t take very long in the internet marketing niche to recognize the need for people willing to deliver REAL help and not take advantage of others.  There are some great people and some great products out there in the IM niche, but there is also a bunch of junk being sold to people desperate for the right tools and information and it’s just sickening. Internet marketing is about more than just the money to me.  I know that may sound cheesy, but it really is the truth! The money’s important for sure, but I want to always be proud of what I do and how much I’ve been able to really help people. That’s of equal importance to me.

KATHY: Where did these realizations come from?

JARED: A lot of this came from when I was speaking at all those internet marketing workshops. I learned as I spoke with the people I was teaching about their own internet marketing journeys, that many of them had purchased really expensive products and/or coaching programs that had promised the world but left them without any results in the end. It became really important to me to always deliver real value, to be transparent, to keep things personal, and to avoid the hypey, over the top marketing/sales strategies that are so prevalent in internet marketing today.

KATHY: I recall meeting you in our online marketing class early on, when you were helping all of us digest what we had learned, and thinking to myself, “Wow… this guy is spending a lot of time compiling notes on our behalf, and helping us truly absorb what it is we’re all learning…” I knew there was something special about you then.

I want to spend the next part of this interview talking about your latest venture, “The Social Networking Academy,” as well as your “Random Acts of Internet Marketing Kindness.”


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