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Apples from One of Our Trees - The Diet Solution - Isabel De Los RiosInteresting Look at “Beyond Diet” and Isabel De Los Rios

I have discovered a perfect breakfast (aside from my yummy morning smoothies!). At least for me. But, let me explain first why this announcement is so exciting to me! Then I’ll talk about Isabel De Los Rios and her book Beyond Diet (order here at Amazon) (note: her program was formerly known as The Diet Solution Program).

A Bit of History
For years, I have had a somewhat subconscious idea that when I eat, I need to include protein in my meal. I think I’ve known this all my life. Even as a little kid, if my mom made spaghetti and gravy (that’s “tomato spaghetti sauce” to folks who don’t call it “gravy” like we did in my neighborhood), I knew I would feel somewhat weak if she didn’t give me a chunk of meat with the spaghetti.

Or, when we went out for breakfast, I was very fond of “silver dollar pancakes” – small “kid-size” pancakes. But, I also knew that I needed to have an egg or some bacon with it otherwise I’d feel tired afterward.

As an adult, I instinctively have stayed away from “all carb” meals or dishes. If we’re eating a vegetarian meal, I make certain to include lentils or beans of some sort. Or, I have a handful of almonds to help balance the carbs so that I feel “even-keeled.”

And As An Adult…
When we visit with different people over the course of the year, it’s not unusual to see loads of bagels and fruit come out at breakfast time. As much as I enjoy bagels, I shy away from them (not only because of the “too much carb” issue, but also because they’re little more than white flour, which I just don’t think is the healthiest thing to eat.)

The Diet Solution Isabel De Los Rios

This was the old program the new one is called Beyond Diet

Introducing Isabel De Los Rios and The Diet Solution Program
So, recently, I was somewhat excited to see an interesting handbook called The Diet Solution Program” by a woman named Isabel De Los Rios. I believe she first published it in 2007. Today, you will find her information under “Beyond Diet” as she now calls it.

I’m not interested in any kind of “fad” or specific eating program. Personally, I prefer learning about nutrition, and cooking food without additives and… well, I’m sure I’ve covered that in another post!

But, what struck me was something she says in her Preface, regarding the idea that this is not “another diet book.”

She mentions (with some conviction, which I like!), that “People don’t need another diet book; they need to change their lifestyles. They don’t need to be told how and why to go on a diet; they need to learn how to change their eating habits and their thinking for life.”  I think she is spot on there.

People need to quit looking for some kind of magic bullet or pill and pretty much learn to eat better (see my short article “Eat Less and Move More”) Also, you may recall my post about Bree Boyce Miss South Carolina weight loss story… She did it the old-fashioned way.

Another thing I instantly found myself agreeing with was when advises readers to “clear your mind of all media information and hype. This means not believing everything you hear from so-called health and nutrition experts on TV and radio and in magazines and books…” Bravo!

I Rarely Listen to So-Called “Diet Experts”
So, I remember seeing a segment from some morning show where a “so-called expert” advised the audience to stay away from Coconut Oil. She insisted that Coconut Oil was a “heart-clogging oil.” What? Where on earth did she get her information? (Isabel, by the way, recommends using a natural, virgin and unrefined Coconut Oil – which I use and buy by the gallon. I knew I liked her!) 🙂

Back to Breakfast…
Anyway, back to breakfast… So, if you’ve read some of the other things I’ve written in the healthy living tips section of this site, you know that I’m a BIG fan of smoothies. I stay away from high-glycemic fruits, and I include a protein (sometimes Chia seed, and sometimes a handful of raw, unpasteurized almonds to balance the carbs in the smoothie). It’s one of my favorite breakfasts! (You can see my video on my Breakfast Fruit and Green Smoothie HERE)

Isabel De Los Rios – Metabolism Type
But, sometimes I don’t want to take the time to make a smoothie. So, while I was reading what Isabel De Los Rios had to say about eating and lifestyle, I came to a section about determining your metabolism type. Interesting! I had never really given that any thought.Who'd think that a humble Apple and Almonds would hold me so long? Isabel De Los Rios and The Diet Solution!

So, I took her simple quiz, and was NOT surprised at the results! According to that little test, I am, most definitely, a “Protein Type.” In other words, I function best with higher amounts of protein in my diet. Validated at long last! Of course, she doesn’t advise going out and eating a steak or two for every meal. There are plenty of non-meat sources of protein. It’s just that I KNEW I needed more protein!

So, while I was reading all this, I noticed some nice little combos in her book for meals and snacks. I thought, “Hmmm. I wonder how I’d feel if I sliced up an apple and ate it with a couple of tablespoons of almond butter or a few whole almonds?” I know it must sound like, “Uh… REALLY Kath? You’re just figuring that out now?” 🙂

But, I honestly had never done that! I tried it the next morning, and was absolutely amazed at how “steady” my energy levels were. I tried it again later as a snack. Same thing! Very “steady.” No “brain fog” or restlessness.

The next morning, I tried it again, and was again delighted at how long it “held” me!

I know this has gone on far too long – all this hoopla over a little apple and almond –  but it excites and encourages me to see someone finally writing about nutrition and lifestyle in a way that makes sense to me.

Proof: This really IS my own tennis racquet!So, fast-forward to this morning.
This morning, I was going to join a group of women for doubles (tennis) for the first time. I love tennis! But, I’m fairly new at it, only having picked it up 3 winters ago with John. John has also been my sole opponent, and I know (knew) nothing about how to play doubles. I was a little nervous, because I didn’t know the women very well, and being new, I didn’t want to embarrass myself. 🙂

So, before heading over to the court, I thought, “Oh, I’d better eat something first!” So, I decided on my apple and almond butter.

I went to play, and although I’m clearly not in their league (they were very kind and gentle!), I had a blast. My energy levels stayed consistent, and 2 hours later, I was wishing I could play some more! I could tell that my sugar or insulin (whichever!) levels were very steady. I had no fatigue, and I felt focused. I KNOW that if I had had something like toast or a bagel, I would have been a shaking mess within a half hour.

When I got home, I decided to write this post. Again, I know it’s gone on and on… but I’m psyched, and wanted to share this with you.

If you are interested in eating to feel well – or if you want to release some unnecessary or excess pounds, please consider at least reading Isabel’s book, Beyond Diet. It honestly just makes sense. It’s easy to read and understand, and her suggestions are very doable!

I’m actually going to write to Isabel De Los Rios, to thank her for putting The Diet Solution together, and for now expanding her entire program to Beyond Diet. She has truly validated just about everything I feel I’ve instinctively known about food choices and ingredients, and just about every topic relating to it (sugar, artifial sweeteners, salt, oils, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc…) She is truly a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air in an otherwise diet-book-polluted atmosphere. I’m not saying I agree with absolutely EVERYTHING she says – but I do agree with most of it.

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