Eat Less…Move More

Healthy Living Tips: Eat Less Hot Dogs... Move More!

Healthy Living Tips: Eat Less Hot Dogs… Move More! 🙂

As I write this particular “Healthy Living Tips” post, I must confess to you, dear reader, that this pertains to me as much as to anyone else.

At the time of year when I first wrote this short piece, it was near the New Year, which is when millions of people talk about making resolutions to live better, live more healthfully, eat more healthfully… You know the drill! I’m sure I don’t need to talk about it in any detail…

Well, I am the first person to admit that the minute I stopped working the physical, outdoor types of jobs I had been used to, and began sitting in front of a computer screen for a living, I began to notice that I got in worse and worse shape, I hurt more, and I moved more slowly.

Like many people, I have scoured the internet for tips on healthy eating and exercise.

But – and you know this about me if you are a regular reader – doing all this reading about the situation is a colossal waste of time. As John (my husband) put it to me so succinctly: “It’s really simple Kath. Eat less. Move more.”

It’s true. It really did come down to this simple fact: I no longer was burning calories all day the way I used to, so it makes sense that I need to modify my activity levels and eating habits.

There is absolutely no reason to go crazy buying 10 magazines or 15 diet books. There really isn’t.  Let’s face it. It’s a lot easier to READ about stuff than it is to actually DO stuff.

I decided to look at this little issue from a purely logical and practical standpoint.

To get rid of a pound of excess weight, I would need to either burn 3,500 calories, or otherwise avoid eating 3,500 unnecessary calories. They say (“they” being the experts in this kind of thing) that it’s healthy and doable to dump 1 or 2 pounds per week – no need to go nuts.

Now, that’s the kind of advice that I like!

So, my own efforts right now include – you got it – eating less and moving more. In other articles I’ll share some of the great foods that I’ve discovered that are absolutely delicious, and extremely healthful.

I’ve been adding a LOT more “live” food to my daily intake – “live” meaning sprouted nuts such as unpasteurized almonds soaked in water overnight, high-quality greens and chia seeds (my daily breakfast)… I will go into further detail about this topic, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling in this post.

Anyway, I found a website that I’ll share with you here (don’t worry! I’m not a part of this website, and I’m not earning any money by sending you here… I just found it in my hours of internet searching for a “magic bullet” – which, of course, does not exist. So, you can save your time! I already did it for you…)

But I digress… As I was saying, I found this website that helps determine WHAT it would take, participating in various activities, to burn 3,500 calories in a week. Here is the link: Health Status

Again, I will be adding a good deal of content to this section – and I encourage you to comment on your own journey, or share your own ideas as well!

And, if you need help with getting a jump start on those resolutions, Click Here for Gary Ryan Blair – The Goals Guy’s  “Got Resolutions?” 30-Day Challenge. Now THERE’S a guy who will keep after you! 🙂

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