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My lilac bush - it just speaks "healthy living tips" to me! :)

My lilac bush - it just speaks "healthy living tips" to me! 🙂

Welcome to our Healthy Living Tips section, which will include articles on a variety of Healthy Living Tips that work for me and others – including healthy cooking, lifestyle, etc., will appear in this section.

To begin, simply choose an article from the following list (This is a new section, but I promise I’ll be adding a LOT more on a consistent basis). Thank you! 🙂

=> The Importance of Exercise While Working – or… My Yucky Vein Thrombosis Experience

– Trust me… this REALLY DOES belong under the Healthy Living Tips section of the website. I write this little gem in a light-hearted manner, but the subject is NOT light-hearted. It’s pretty serious, and timely for today’s generation of workers who have to spend more time than our ancestors did sitting in front of a computer.

=> Helpful (But SCARY) Stuff I Learned from The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios

 – If you read my article (below) about a personal experience I’ve had as a result of Isabel De Los Rios’ book The Diet Solution Program, then you’ll see why I like what she has to say. And while I don’t particularly LIKE what I read today, I have to take it seriously. Anyone who drinks alcohol should read this article.

=> VERY Interesting Experience with The Diet Solution and Isabel De Los Rios

I’m not a fan of so-called “diet books.” They drive me crazy. So when I first saw The Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios, I rolled my eyes. I’m not rolling my eyes anymore. She’s a nutritionist, and makes a lot of sense. Read about the experience I have been having.

=> Our FAVORITE Fruit and Green Breakfast Smoothie!

I know that there is a lot of info on fruit and green smoothies out there – but I thought you might enjoy our take on it. It gives a little of our own background on this journey. Plus, you’ll see a photo of the inside of our fridge. Really!

Delicious Fruit and Greens Breakfast Smoothie

=> Delicious Recipe for Red Cabbage Salad

Oh, this is just yummy! If you have not tried this, or haven’t found a way to truly enjoy a recipe for red cabbage, this one’s for you!

=> Eat Less…Move More

This article introduces the basic attitude of simplifying the process of healthy eating and weight management.

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