Hello world! From Kathy at Self Development and Growth

It’s funny how when you start a blog using WordPress for the first time, there is a default post called “Hello world!”

I know that most people probably overwrite that title – but it occurred to me that I really AM saying “Hello world!” After all, I’m putting myself “out there” for the whole world to see – and so I figured I’ll just keep that one!

If you read that “About Kathy” page, you already know that I’m WAY into Self Development and Growth – whether you call it “Self Improvement” or “Personal Development” or “Self Realization…” whatever it is you call your particular journey – I’m on it.

I guess that if you have found me here, you are on this journey as well.

From what I’ve been learning from people who do a lot of blogging, I’ll best serve this particular blog by putting posts in specific categories. For example, if I find some good information about a particular practice such as “visualization techniques,” I’ll try to have a “Visualization Techniques” related category. We’ll see how that goes! 🙂

My Experience (well, some of it…) that may Help You or Interest You…
Some of the things that I am into and have had a great deal of experience include:
=> Career Development (including helping people figure out what they want to do for work, help develop resumes, cover letters, interviews, etc),
=> Goal Setting, Planning and Attainment,
=> Motivation and Inspiration,
=> The Sedona Method and the related Release Technique – both similar but taught by different experts,
=> Law of Attraction information (that is, going beyond the pop culture fluff part of it),
=> and a lot more.

What I do…
My primary work takes place online where I develop my websites selling all sorts of various things (from cheap kids clothes to awesome family vacation memberships to portable garages and shelters to – of course – self development and growth related products).

Some of my General Interests…
Some general interests I have that you may find me writing about include walking/hiking, gardening, alternative health, alternative cooking (which to me translates “cooking from scratch without using junk ingredients”), travel, music, spirituality, and a lot more!

My greatest gifts include listening, writing, singing, and doing things from my heart. And that includes this blog. Everything I do and write comes from my heart.  So, I truly do hope that you enjoy your time here, and that you will offer your own thoughts as well!

I only have one request from readers who wish to comment – and I truly do hope you will comment – and that is this:
While I do not mind you putting your own website link to link to your name, please use a real name instead of just a keyword, and please – I ask this from the depths of my heart – please do not post “comment spam.” I want all my readers to gain value from one another. Spam does not give anyone value. Please make a comment that shows you 1) have read the post and 2) are genuinely interested in offering your thoughts and impressions. Oh… ok, so I have TWO requests… The 2nd request is that you be kind in your comments. Thank you!

Please enjoy your stay here, and visit often!

🙂 Kath

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