Do YOU Exercise While Working? You Will After You Read This!

Swollen Ankle 2 Weeks AFTER the Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)After having a pretty scary incident happen recently (or at least since the time I wrote this piece), I decided that I could use my scary incident to add some extremely important information to our “Healthy Living Tips” section of the website.

First off, let me say that this was just “scary” and not “life-threatening” – or at least it was caught before it could possibly turn into a life-threatening situation. And, when I experienced it, I realized in a nano-second how very much I want to live! 🙂

Ok. It’s honestly not THAT dramatic. What this is REALLY about is the dangers of sitting on one’s tuckus in front of a computer screen all day (or sitting on one’s bottom all day for ANY reason).

We ALL hear about the dangers of sitting in one position for hours on end. I’m guessing that a lot of people – or at least those who work at home or online like I do – say something like: “Yeah, yeah, I know… and as soon as I get ahead a little, I’ll start taking some time to move around…”

I then recall watching a successful online marketer talk about this very topic. He was warning us that there are some real problems that can arise if we sit in front of a computer all day.

He listed a bunch of them: weight gain, eye strain, neck strain, lack of exercise, hip and leg pain while sitting, and a variety of other issues that go along with never leaving the computer.

These are not just things that happen to people who work from home on computer either. I’ve sat for more hours at more desks at more jobs than I care to even think about. I have thought – many times – “I should get up and move around a little… maybe after I finish this report…”

Uh huh…

So, I now have a fairly painful experience to relate – and hope you will indulge me… and read my tale of woe. May it help you avoid a rather icky by-product that can result from sitting at a desk all day. CLICK HERE TO READ “Importance of Exercise While Working – My Experience.”

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