You Know What Would Be Great? Another Essay On Taking Action

I Know What Would Be GreatYou know what would be great? If we could all just wave some magic wand to load our bank accounts with money.

Don’t you think that would be great? I sure do! You bet!

Hmmm… Just think about it… If we could just sit back and daydream about how we want our lives to look. Just picturing the car we want and it would appear, the clothes we want and they’d be in our closets, the restaurants we want to eat at and we’d have reservations that evening. All with no concern about how much these wonderful dreams would cost.

Yup. That would be great, wouldn’t it?

Personally, I love the idea of the magic wand. If I could just invent one and market it, I’d be all set… How about you?This is the Magic Wand I Made... If I Worked As Hard At WORK as I did Making This Magic Wand I would have RESULTS!

You know what else would be great? If every single day I logged into one of my various accounts and saw sales.

Every day. Without fail. Where my only element of surprise would be the actual number of sales, and the commission amounts.

Oh yeah… that would definitely be great.

You know what else would be great? Seeing thousands of people visiting my websites every day, really enjoying the stuff I write and the information that they find at the websites. Knowing that this is the information and products and services they have been searching for.

Yes indeedy. That surely would be great.

So, while I’m on the topic of what would be great, you know what ELSE would be great? I mean REALLY great?

If every single day without fail, I was productive. Every day I was writing and publishing articles.

If every day I was building links to my websites. If every single day I held on to my vision of what it is that is important to me in this world, in this life, and did whatever it took to bring joy and love and all good things to me and my husband so that…

…I would have that traffic, which would lead to more and more sales until they were showing up every single day, which would lead to my having all the money I need for the car, clothes, and dinner in that restaurant I’ve been day dreaming about.

Yeah. That would definitely be great.So now think about your own life.

If you’re reading this particular article, chances are you have some entrepreneurial spirit.

Or even if you aren’t necessarily an entrepreneur but are still making personal or professional goals. You probably have a lot of dreams.

What do you think would be great?

Write Anything, but at least WRITE!Because we are all individuals, we have different dreams, and different parts of our lives that are important to us.

Here is a fact. And I don’t care if you have a dream that is related to business or your relationship. If you have dreams or goals, there is usually only one person keeping you from attaining them.

You already know the answer. It can’t be the kids fault, the boss’ fault, your partner’s fault… Sure, maybe the kids are making some demands on you, your boss just put an unrelated task on your desk, or your partner is giving you ultimatums about this that or the other thing…

But at the end of the day, it is still up to you to decide whether or not TODAY you are going to make progress towards your goals.

And it’s got nothing to do with “fault” or “blame.” Merely with “action” or “non-action.”

It doesn’t matter whether we justify it or not. In fact, I personally think that the more time we spend working through in our already busy little minds whether or not our action or inaction is justfied or not, whether we did or didn’t do something, then the LESS time we spend just getting back to it.

In other words, there comes a time where we have to accept things as they are at that moment. Ok, you did NOT take action yesterday? Ok… Fair enough. But stop thinking about it already and just DO something TODAY. NOW. Do something NOW.

Stop making excuses, taking or assigning blame, or ruminating over why you got nothing (or something) done.

Accept it. And move on. But please MOVE.

I was down pretty hard recently with the flu or whatever it was for well over a week, and I got precious little done for my own dreams and goals.

I mean SQUAT. I got NOTHING done.

You know whose fault it is? Our friend’s fault for bringing the germs over! HA HA! I’m KIDDING!!

It’s no one’s fault. There is no specific thing I did (or thought I did) to catch this little bug. The fact is, I caught it, and I dealt with it.

Yeah, I definitely felt a little bad while I was sick because I felt like I just couldn’t produce. Sitting at the computer made me dizzy, and I could only lay down.

So, I thought (as I lay there trying not to cough), “What CAN I do if I can’t really write or build links? What CAN I do?”

After a while, I thought, “Hmmm… I could read for a few minutes. Why not read that book I’ve been meaning to finish? Then, when I feel a little better, I can write about it.”

So I got my book out, and kept a pencil and notepad near the couch. During the moments when I felt awake – or at least somewhat alert – I read. I absorbed as much as I could in that state, and took notes.

By the end of the week, as I started feeling better, I sat and typed some notes about what I learned.

So, even though I wasn’t producing what I really felt I wanted to, I did SOMETHING.

Now, you know what would be REALLY great? If I finish writing that book review and get that out for you guys! 🙂

Can you guess what the book is about? It’s called The Procrastination Cure, by Jeffery Combs, and it took me being flat on my back for nearly a week to read it and report to you here about it.

So, today’s take away from this little Entrepreneurial Strategies section of the site is to:

1) Stop blaming others or even yourself for not being as productive as you think you should be. Instead, made a decision to DO something – ANYTHING, and then DO IT.

2) The more time we spend making excuses or thinking about what is wrong with us or our situation means that there is less time to make progress, and consider what we CAN do to take those progress steps.

3) While it’s great to think of all the things that would be great, it’s even greater to take some steps towards those ideals.

(By the way: I DID write that review! You can read it here.)

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