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Entrepreneurial Strategies and Motivation to ShareI love learning and sharing entrepreneurial strategies! I think I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. It probably goes back to age 7 when my dad asked me, “Kathy, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

I think he may have expected me to say, “A teacher” or “A secretary” (which were typical “girl” jobs back in the day…).

Instead, I said, “Either a fairy princess or a writer.”

Hmm. What could my dad say? The only thing a daddy COULD say to his little girl… “Uh… Well… I think a being a WRITER sounds VERY good!” (If you see the photo here – with me in various stages of “naughty” when my poor mom would take me to see Santa every year – you’ll see why “princess” just probably wasn’t gonna fly). Do I LOOK like a Fairy Princess here? Entrepreneurial Strategies Tip: Observe childhood behavior for a hint as to who you are

So, it was with my wonderful dad’s blessings that I strove to become a writer. And now look! This little blog is only PART of what I write!

But I digress.

In this section of my blog, I intend to share with others who share my entrepreneurial spirit whatever entrepreneurial strategy (or strategies) that I can unearth. If it “hits” me – I’ll add it with the hope that it “hits” you too, and that you find this stuff helpful.

So, check out the articles as I list them below – and please let me know how you are doing in your own business and life. It really IS important to me. Oh yes… And I’m also extremely fond of hearing entrepreneurial success stories as well!

=> The Procrastination Cure – 7 Steps to Stop Putting Life Off by Jeffery Combs – a Review and Experience – I worked for over a month to get this article written – and for once it really did not have to do (too much!) with procrastination. Overcoming procrastination – or recognizing it and stopping it before it traps us – is a critical entrepreneurial strategy that can have enormous impact on our success as entrepreneurs. Please read my review of this book, and also learn from my experiences so that you can avoid some painful ones of your own…

=> What Would Be Great… Another Essay On Taking Action – Well, yet another discussion about the need to actually TAKE ACTION. But let’s face it… If everyone of us was taking the action we could and should be taking, we’d all be successful enough not to be needing to read about stuff like this, right? So, since you’re here… you probably can use a zap with the magic wand. 🙂

=> Your Business Answering Machine Greeting – When “Dude” Isn’t Your Customer’s Name – I actually wrote this some time ago for eZine Articles, but felt that it was appropriate for readers here as well. For a lot of folks who are in business for themselves, the phone may be one of the first lines of communication.

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