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Happy New Year! And a little reflection…

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything around here! I was just at a marketing forum called “Warrior Forum,” where I occasionally visit to get some advice or to see what people think about various products. I get inspired there, too at times.

Today was one of them. I found a forum thread that was talking about a guy named Greg Morrison, and a product that he had launched a few months ago called “One Man Gang Machines” or “OMG” – which I still chuckle over, because “OMG” always comes across as “Oh My God!” to me. (Maybe that is intentional? I’ve never asked Greg about that!) Rather than talk about that here, I’ve made a totally different article about my journey in marketing HERE. I’ve also put in the video I just made for the “men in my life.” Hope you enjoy that!

Anyway, I mention this because it got me thinking about the path I’ve been on professionally over the last 5 or 6 years, and how it has wandered, changed direction, hit some obstacles like trees falling over and blocking the trail in the woods…

A Bit of a “Back Story”

Back in 2006 or 2007 (it’s hard to remember, actually), I walked out of a place where I had been working on a grant-funded project. The grant was coming to an end, and I – along with the executive director of the program at the time – had written what I felt was a compelling case for continued funding of what we were doing. Then, this particular director left the program, and was replaced by someone new. This fella was jovial enough, and I thought, pretty up-front, and had the agency’s best interests at heart.

So, this one day, I left – there wasn’t any more money there to pay me – but I kept popping back in to see what developments there were regarding the grant. Every day, I got the same response: “We haven’t heard anything back yet…”

This went on for a few weeks. THEN, something very odd happened… I stopped into the office and he said the same thing: “No word yet…” So I went into the adjacent office to see one of my co-workers to say hello. She had a funny look on her face, and sort of an “eye over my shoulder” type of look… I turned around to see the director … well, “lurking” is the best word I can come up with. He was standing outside the door, looking in on us with a weird little smile on his face.

So, I went downstairs to say hi to a couple of other co-workers, and what do you know? This same director was in the doorway – looking at the others, with that same odd “smile.” I felt very uncomfortable, and said goodbye.

I don’t recall if it was later that day or the next day, but my assistant on the project came to my house and said, “I cannot keep this quiet anymore Kathy! You didn’t get the grant!” I was completely floored and astonished! She continued, “We were all told by (director) not to tell you!” Incredulously, I asked, “Why on earth not? It’s ok if we didn’t get the funding, but why not tell me?” She had no explanation.

To tell you I was utterly devastated by hearing this in such a way – with my co-workers being told not to mention anything to me for no good reason – well… it’s beyond anything I had ever felt.

That’s a long way around explaining why John & I decided that I would begin building an online business. All the work I had in that area had been grant-funded. Grant funds run out. That’s just the nature of the beast.

But the way that particular director treated the situation was unacceptable to me. I hear he’s no longer with that agency, by the way. At the time, I honestly did not know what to do, or who do go to. So I never went anywhere or told anyone officially. Frankly, I don’t even think I had a formal “last day on the job” with them.

It was just downright weird.

It was around then that I was just really ramping up my self development knowledge. Because of my job situation and other things going on in my life, I really wanted to make some improvements.

That’s when I was watching “The Secret…” I was re-reading Autobiography of a Yogi. I was reading Napoleon Hill, Deepak Chopra, Eckert Tolle, etc… One thing lead to another.

Career-wise, I really got into Internet Marketing. I think that THAT particular “reflection” might be better posted HERE, under my “Internet Marketing Education” page.

Finally, I ran across the teachings of Ernest Holmes (of Science of Mind fame), and one of his students, Joseph Murphy (Power of Your Subconscious Mind), and Esther Hicks (Abraham).

There is so much wisdom in these books, that as I write this post from my current winter quarters in North Myrtle Beach, SC (this winter, anyway), those self-development tools are the only things I have with me. Well… except for anything new I pick up at yard sales!

My entire method of thinking has changed. I’m also extremely blessed to have a husband who is into it, as well as a really good friend, Martin, who I do some work with and who is also on this path.

It brings me to this very interesting place. I love this place. My life is quite good, and I also realize that had certain events – such as that kind-of-bizarre ending to my last job not happened, I don’t know where I would be spiritually.

Anyway, I just wanted to shout all this out – and it’s all because I got spurred on by Greg! LOL! Anyway, I’m writing more about that in a bit. But for now, if you’re interested, you can see my “internet journey” to this place right here.

Happy New Year!


Quote from Elbert Hubbard

Things I’m Grateful For – Reminder to Ponder THOSE

Quote from Elbert HubbardI just finished writing one of my newsletters, where quite a bit of the topic centered around being grateful.

It reminded me of a day a few years ago, when I was in a job that occassionally took me downstate, to Concord, NH, to the headquarters of the project I was working on was hosting a meeting.

For some reason, when I left my home about 2 hours north of Concord, I decided to find things that I was grateful for, and keep focusing on things I was grateful for as long as I could.

By the time I reached Plymouth, NH (which was about an hour and a half away), I was still listing things.

I noticed something else rather peculiar that day. For some reason I found myself in an almost spiritual place – nothing was bothering me, every thought I had was overflowing with a vague feeling of joy.

It was downright odd.

As I was writing in my newseltter, while it seems easy to find things to be thankful for on a sunny day when everything is going our way, it also sometimes seems difficult to find something to be thankful for if something has gone wrong.

It is when something is awry that it’s even MORE important to find things to be grateful for. It may be difficult for a moment or two, but once we find one or two small things that we can honestly be thankful for, it gets easier and easier.

And then, as I pointed out in the newsletter, it seems as though our circumstances begin to lighten up as well!

Here is an example of a fairly extraordinary thing that I heard someone be grateful for (I talked about this in the newsletter) – a homeless woman needed a safe place for the night, and was exceedingly grateful to come upon an outhouse that had a lock on the inside of the door. Just enough to make her feel safe, she stayed in there the whole night, truly giving thanks.

So, if someone can be thankful for that, can’t we ALL find something – no matter how seemingly insignificant or small – to be grateful for?

Here are a few “small” things to start the ball rolling. These are all things within my current and immediate reach, as I sit here typing:

I am thankful:

  • that I have a car that runs and is paid for
  • for my home – it is easy to heat, and doesn’t take much oil
  • for the fact that glasses were invented so that I can still see and function without much help
  • that I can smell the lilacs in front of my house
  • that I can hear the hummingbirds zipping around the feeders right now
  • that the water I’m drinking is clean
  • that I can stand up and stretch or exercise my legs right this moment without someone telling me I can’t
  • for a sense of humor, and that I can laugh like an idiot at a video of a cat licking a hamster (ahem… when I should be working. But I digress…)
  • that I can look at mountains out my window while I type this entry…

So, if we take this a step further and look at the Elbert Hubbard quote, above, the more we ponder the wonder in our lives, it will be easier to “never forget the things that made you glad.”

Try the experiment for yourself, and see if you don’t find your day going better if you begin it with some time contemplating the many things that you can be thankful for in your lives.

It definitely works for me.


I Know What Would Be Great

A Little Daydreaming on “You Know What Would Be Great??”

I Know What Would Be GreatAfter reading an inspiring little lesson from some successful guy who talks about how he was inspired by his 6-year old, the idea came to me.

This guy’s little 6-year old started the day with “You know what would be great?” And he proceeded to tell everyone how great it would be to all pile into the car and go to breakfast before school and work.

Before you knew it, this little guy had everyone practically tasting the pancakes… And the parents, who previously wouldn’t have given it even the most remote consideration to such an idea on a school or work morning pretty soon had the kids in the car. Off they went for a fun breakfast.

Now, that particular essay has absolutely nothing to do with MY essay today. But, it inspired it. It inspired it by having me ask myself, “You know what would be great??”

Then, I thought of the cool things that would be great.

Along came a few more ideas… and then some more.

Well, one thing led to another, and I traced some “You know what would be great” ideas back to a different source. That of taking action.

So once again, I find myself on this topic! I hope you’ll join me over at You Know What Would Be Great? Another Essay On Taking Action here at the Entrepreneurial Strategies section of the site.

Now, you do not have to be an entrepreneur to get something out of this. I think that the words are true for any situation.

I hope you enjoy my latest thoughts – and please add your own when you’re done reading!

Please click here to read “You Know What Would lBe Great? Another Essay On Taking Action.”

Screenshot of Anita Moorjani from Lilou Mace's ( YouTube interview about Anita's Near Death Experience

The Inspiration of Anita Moorjani and Her Near Death Experience

Anita Moorjani interview on YouTube - interviewed by Lilou Mace (

I don’t quite know where to start here when talking about Anita Moorjani and her near death experience…. It’s difficult when discussing something as seemingly intangible as an experience such as this – especially when it happened to someone else, and someone I have not had the pleasure or honor of meeting (yet!).

For the last couple of months I have been reading and listening to Anita Moorjani, a young woman who on February 2, 2006, was in the final stages of a cancer that had devastated her body. On the morning of February 2nd of that year, she was brought to the hospital, in a coma, and was expected to die within a day or so – at most.

Now, first of all, you might be wondering WHY on earth I would suddenly be totally fascinated – almost consumed, really – by a near death experience story of a woman I had never heard of. I’m not the type of person who talks much about death to begin with…

But let me say this: If you have NOT yet heard about this incredible woman and her story, you soon will. No doubt that this story is gonna go viral. It’s just far too powerful to NOT be spread around the world… (more…)