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Career and Job ResourcesClients and students have mentioned that they’ve really¬†moved forward using some of the methods and tools I’ve shared with them over the years. Perhaps they can help you, too! That is why we now have this Career and Job Resources section on the site.

Articles and Information on career and job resources will appear under this page. I’ve had a lot of experience helping clients create resumes, cover letters, and have assisted many, many individuals develop excellent job interview techniques.

Start by referring to any of these articles:

=> Social Media Can Affect Your Career – It’s no longer a question as to whether or not your use of Social Media like Facebook and Twitter will affect your career. It’s now a given. Here’s my take on this.

=> The Career Jimmy Sweeney Job Interview “Secret” That Most People Just Won’t Use – Now, WHY “most” people don’t use these tips is beyond me. I’ve coached a LOT of career clients in my life, and I am always telling people to do these simple things, such as those described here. But, you know what? Most people just won’t. Those who DO are the ones that employers notice. Read and Heed.

Finally, there are also a FEW products that I promote in this regard – only because when I went to write a few guides of my own to sell, I located a source that was so close to teaching my own techniques that I decided not to reinvent the wheel. Rather, I decide to promote the products already out there. They include:


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