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A Little Poem: What is Santa?

Here is a little poem I wrote about Santa… (NB: I have worked in Malls, and no longer do much “Christmas Shopping” the way it is encouraged by the media) Apologies to Dr. Seuss for the style! Maybe he’s mom, … Continue reading

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Worst Telemarketing Call in a While!

Ok… So this is just a LITTLE off topic regarding personal development. But not THAT far off topic. Actually, now that I think about it, this will really be a good post under the Marketing category. Because as anyone who … Continue reading

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Personal Development Skills and Habits

I sometimes think we acquire certain personal development skills and habits in such subtle ways that we don’t always remember WHEN we began using them – WHERE we learned them, and HOW we knew that they were important to our … Continue reading

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An Exercise Inspired by Charles F. Haanel and his Master Key System

If you are a member of my Self Development Strategies newsletter, you may recognize the information in the following post from one of my newsletters. The inspiration for this topic comes from Part 8 of Charles F. Haanel’s famous The … Continue reading

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